How to throw a Beer Tasting Party!

I always do my best thinking over a glass of beer. Two heads are better than one.
– From the Best of Bridge –

Now and then I like an icy cold beer. Not a whole icy cold beer, because it is never icy cold when I get to the bottom of the bottle or glass. I just like the first few icy cold ounces.

One of my son-in-laws, perhaps (but highly unlikely) thinking of his mother-in-law’s fondness for those first few cold ounces, devised an ingenious way to taste the beers of the world without having to drink an entire bottle of each. He hosts a Beer Tasting Party.

He invites lots of people, and assigns each couple a country. The guests buy a half dozen or so bottles of beer that  represent that country. They pre-chill the beer, and when they arrive at the party the bottles are nestled into coolers of ice that are set out on a long table on the patio.

Each person is given a glass with his or her name on it and the tasting commences! A few ounces of this beer, then a few ounces of that beer. Icy cold, just the way I like it! Some munchies, then some more munchies!

There is an established protocol for a sophisticated Beer Tasting Party. This involves score sheets and detailed discussions. This isn’t that kind of party.

But it also isn’t the kind of party where the guests would have to be reminded to remove the bottles from the six pack carton before trying to read the bottom panel of the box!

24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not.
– Stephen Wright –

22 thoughts on “How to throw a Beer Tasting Party!

    1. Hi Ronnie – my son-in-law thought so, especially when there was so many unopened bottles left over to take to our cabin. We’re set for the rest of the season!


    1. Hi timethief – We tasted quite a few beers that didn’t really taste much like beer. One was a Cabernet, and many people liked it.


  1. There is nothing like a cold icy beer. Usually just one is all that is needed. I missed European beers often today I found one of my old favorites, Hoegaarden. It was yummy!

    Good article, beer is unrated as a refreshing drink!


  2. I wish I liked the taste of beer better. I like the first sip of my husband’s, but that’s about all. Actually, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t because I have a beer belly without even drinking any! My brother throws a very nice beer tasting party nearly every year, but he doesn’t assign countries to other people; he does it all himself. I like your idea better. I’ll suggest it to him and see how he likes the idea.


    1. Hi CE – One of the beers we tried was a grapefruit flavoured one. Many of the women liked it, even if they normally didn’t drink beer.


    1. It is always a great party. Many of the guests aren’t really beer drinkers, but they invariable find one that they like. There are some wonderful fruit beers available now and these appeal to the wine drinkers.


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