Washington – Texture and Sand in Deception Pass

We had a quicksand box in our backyard. I was an only child, eventually.
– Stephen Wright –

sand rocks bird feet tracksI took this photo on a beach near Deception Pass in Washington. Can’t you just feel the grittiness of the sand and the smooth texture of the rocks? You might also feel the warmth of the sun, except there was a mighty wind blowing in off the water – it was actually quite chilly!

14 thoughts on “Washington – Texture and Sand in Deception Pass

  1. Seagull tracks? Must be some bread or something at the end of that trail! I miss the sea… we have lake Michigan nearby which is WONDERFUL. But both my wife and I grew up as East Coasters and spent many a day in the ocean. Nothing beats the sand and salt-water!


  2. Your eye is amazing. How many people passed that very spot and didn’t notice what you captured for eternity?


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