Networking – Awards and Challenges

Networking is not about hunting. It is about farming. It’s about cultivating relationships.
– Dr. Ivan Misner –

Networks – how many do you belong to?  I have many, built over the years in response to what I was doing. My most recent network is because of my interest in blogging. A Blogging network  isn’t just about who comes to my blog. It is also about which blogs I follow.

One of the ways bloggers build this network is by passing along Awards and Challenges. Not every blogger is interested in cultivating their relationship garden by taking part in these, which I understand. But I don’t mind them, even though I bend the rules a bit because I really don’t have an unending inventory of fellow bloggers to pass the Awards and Challenges on to!


This was recently passed on to me by k8edid, a delightful Middle Aged Mumbling Madwoman. I only recently discovered her blog, but I already know we share many interests and ideas.

My list of Seven things about me – I’m going to cheat here and send you back to the post I did the first time I got this award: The Versatile Blogger Award.  The only thing that has changed since I made that list is that I took my Christmas tree down in July… In that post I introduced you to Six Bone Marrow Transplant or Cancer Survivors, and I’ve added another one to that list.


Amy nominated me for the Seven Links Challenge. See the world through Amy’s eyes at The World is a Book. I know you won’t want to leave her blog once you get there and start exploring, but it would be nice if you came back here for a few minutes.

The Seven Links Challenge has two rules.  The first is that I must publish the links to seven of my own posts for the categories below.  The second is to pass the Seven Links Challenge on to five to seven bloggers. (Or three, if you are up to your ass in alligators and that is about the best you can do for now…)

1.  Most Beautiful Post: Christmas Peace – The Christmas Season, according to the marketing world, will arrive shortly after Thanksgiving. I don’t think, then, that I am too early in suggesting some ways to tone down the nonsense of the holiday!
2.  Most Popular Post: Induction Cooking – Pots and Pans – This post got the most views, and there is not a single bit of humour in it…
3.  Most Controversial: What Dressing Like a Slut says – There are times and places where looking like a hooker might be a bit dangerous, and these are usually places where you wouldn’t leave your car unlocked either…
4.  Most Helpful: Grandma’s Doilies – turns out a lot of people wonder what to do with all those lacy bits that Grandma made with her own two hands.
5.  Most Surprisingly Successful: Using a Barnes and Noble nook in Canada – it turns out there are a lot of us who were given a bit of misleading information about the connectivity of a nook once out of the USA.
6.  Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved: Self-Indulgence –  a cautionary tale about spending what you don’t have
7.  Post I Am Most Proud Of: Actually, I am happy with each and every post I’ve written. But Self Control and Marshmallows was pretty good, and only 10 people ever read it.

Here are several bloggers who might be interested in taking up the Seven Links Challenge, but if not, I still want to tell you about them:

Before Morning Breaks – I just recently found Barb’s blog, and all I can say is that she sure has an interesting way of looking at life through the eyes of a person from Oregon.

Ramblings – Pegoleg is a witty, interesting, tell it like it is (or like you think it should be) kind of gal. Her blog is fun, as are the comments she leaves at other blogs.

Now it is your turn to talk about Networking: What is the most significant Award you have ever received?

18 thoughts on “Networking – Awards and Challenges

  1. Thank you so much for posting the Seven Links Challenge, Margie! It’s a lot of work, I know.
    I appreciate your nice words about my web blog.


  2. Thanks so much, Margie! I really appreciate your kind words.

    I’ve received a few awards so far. I don’t say that to brag, but to reveal how lazy I am. I haven’t posted any of them, or passed them on, or done any of the required stuff. It doesn’t help that I find all the linking required rather intimidating.

    But this looks like an interesting challenge. Also a hard one. It’s not easy for me to be subjective about the stuff I write. I’ll give it some thought (heading off to assume the classic Thinker pose…hmmm).


    1. Hi pegoleg – Take your time thinking! Even if you don’t take up the challenge, I am happy to let others know about your blog.


  3. Hi, I like your Seven Links Challenge (great idea) I read the link on How to attract Readers (food for thought) No one has ever awarded me any anything but think that is more of a US thing than a UK thing so must cultivate some more US followers. 🙂


    1. Hi Ronnie – I haven’t received many awards/challenges in comparison to many bloggers I follow. But that’s okay as long as I have readers like you and blogs to follow like yours!


  4. Congrats on the recognition. It’s nice to review your body of work and highlight it for those of us who came to your party a bit later in the evening.



  5. I’m tickled green and brown. Or whatever color charm turns when it hits the Oregon border. Did you have a deadline on this Challenge? It’s wonderful and I want to do it. Right now the alligators are up to my armpits, snapping what would be my brain, if I could remember where I put it. Here’s a hug for the beautiful compliment and shout out.


  6. well done on those awards! And thank you for taking the time to mention my blog… you know, i will certainly give that challenge a thought. I am the world’s worst at networking of any sort, but I think it’s good for me to wander out of my comfort zone so you never know! As I approach the end of my frantic month of domestic challenge, it’s time I turned outward to the rest of the world again.


  7. Such interesting thoughts about networking and blogging..and sharing and spreading the word. Love the seven links challenge. What a great idea!


  8. Congratulations on your award. Your blog is a wonderful buffet of interesting and fun subjects. I enjoyed reading your 7 posts lists. Your award is well deserved and earned. 🙂


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