Seeds of Discussion – So Many Types

A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of the discussion.
– Ludwig Wittgenstein –


We moved to Houston, Texas in January of 1979. We learned a lot of new words there, not the least of which was Y’all! Gardening was a whole new experience too, what with planting a lawn with sprigs, avoiding fire ants, and experimenting with wonderfully boisterous plants like Pampas Grass! Unfortunately we were only there for a year, but every time I travel to a warmer climate, I take pictures of Pampas Plumes and think about our home in Texas. I found these plumes in  Port Townsend in Washington.



Clematis – in the fall the flowers morph into silky balls of shining hairs. These eventually dry and become big puffballs of seeds. These particular clematis (yellow) grow well in our province – so well that in some areas they have been labelled invasive. Invasive! I’d say they were just well adapted to take advantage of any location – sort of the Walmart of the plant world.



This third photo is Fireweed – It grows wild on our property in just one sunny location. Fireweed contains antiseptic compounds, and young shoots can be eaten or made into tea. I expect both products are a bit bitter. That seems to be the case with wild flowers and weeds!



Foxtail Barley Grass is considered a weed in our part of the world. It will grow where few other things will! The pretty seed heads are barbed – they are considered to be the porcupines of the plant world.

Now it is your turn to talk about seeds – Are you going to seed, do you live in the seedy part of town, do you need seed money, are you seeded in tennis, or are clouds seeded in your part of the world?