Sunsets Around the World

The word Sunset has a few meanings that describe man’s vision of endings, but there is only one Sunset that is fairly easy to photograph! Fortunately, it happens at a predictable time every day, it occurs everywhere in the world, and it is free! Of course, some sunsets are more spectacular than others, but that has a lot to do with the clouds, not the sun.

Here are five sunset photos, all taken at different locations. Two were in Canada – at my house and my cabin. Two were in England – one in Brighton and one in Lechlade. One was in Europe – on a boat on the Danube River. If you like, you can try and guess which photo was taken in which place! For the answer, hover your mouse over the photo until the photo name appears.


Alberta Hidden Valley


EnglandWhere I live, the number of hours between sunrise and sunset varies from season to season. On the longest day it is about 17 hours, while on the shortest day it is only about 7.5 hours.

How much variance do you have in daylight hours where you live?

32 thoughts on “Sunsets Around the World

  1. I think the most beautiful sunset I ever saw was in the Maldives – sitting in a beach chair, sipping some vino and playing scrabble with my 2 favourite boys. I can close my eyes and immediately go back to that peaceful spot. This is a good thing, because a peaceful feeling is not something I experience much here.


    1. Hi Joy – I can picture the sunset. I can picture the beach chair. I can picture the Vino. I can picture your menfolk. But playing scrabble with a man – that I can’t picture!


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  3. I like the moon peaking out from behind the tree.
    Nicely done,

    here’s one I posted recently to wordpress:


    1. Hi Patti – If you got Brighton, then I would have thought you would have recognized the ducks on the water in Lechlade! (Just goes to show how sunsets around the world can look pretty much the same!)


  4. Hi,
    Beautiful sunset photo’s, I have to say I really like the Danube sunset, I think with the extra cloud cover, it gives the photo a little bit of magic.


  5. Well, of course, every time I look at your wonderful photos, I curse my point and curse camera. But I do enjoy the beauty you share. You capture the real treasure of the world. Now, if you could only make my face look younger. Here in Oregon, we scurry outside with the cloud breaks and bask in our 2-10 minutes of sunshine. I feel more peaceful looking at your pictures. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Barb – I use two point and shoot cameras, so maybe you just need a different camera! As for a younger face – why would you want to erase all your story lines?


  6. I wound up here via Lorna’s Blog, and want to say your photos are beautiful! I felt inspired enough to take up the same challenge. Digging through old photos, I was struck with how beautiful each and every sunset was, irrespective of it being an exotic location or the most mundane of places. Inspired so, I simply chose a photo taken just outside my office at work a few weeks ago. Nature does not discriminate much.

    Sunset Article Here

    Thank you for providing some photo and writing inspiration today!


    1. Thanks for visiting Phil. You have a very nice view from your office window! I’m glad you took the time to capture the sunset.
      My ‘office’ window affords me a sunrise view during the fall, winter, and spring. It is a great way to start each day!


    1. Hi Belle – I agree that there is something about a sunset that feels peaceful. I guess it is because we take the time to stop and watch.


    1. Welcome Meiko – The second photo was taken during a walk while I was at the cabin. I’ve identified all the best spots to see sunsets when I am out there!


  7. Very nice. Sunsets are one of those phenomenons that are so terribly difficult to capture on film. One of the most beautiful things you can see but somehow in pictures it’s never quite the same as witnessing it live. Great pics tho, my favorite – the 2009 Red House. Reminds me of my place!


    1. Hi BRC – Isn’t that the way with most photographs – never quite the same as what your mind sees through your eyes. I think that is why it is just as important to see things without the camera as it is to capture them with the camera!


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