Seeing the Possibilities – Seeds, Rocks and Sunrises

close up

These are the seeds of an Allium flower  (a decorative relative of the onion.)  Is it possible that birds and mice feed on these seeds? Perhaps, but some of the seeds will make their way into the ground where they will germinate and make more allium plants.

This is a small Rock Cairn I built on the back deck at the cabin. When it is done it will honour a friend who recently passed away. I’m going to have to glue it together though – the rocks are precariously stacked right now. Can you see the work of the spider that has started to stitch one rock to another? Webs are strong, but I don’t think it is possible to hold this cairn together with spider webs!

This was the sunrise I captured a few mornings ago. Such a nice start to a day – makes me feel the day is full of possibilities!

20 thoughts on “Seeing the Possibilities – Seeds, Rocks and Sunrises

  1. I love the idea of possibility. I’ll have to think about how to capture it though in photo form, but thanks for prompting just such a challenge.

    Excellent photos and well-threaded to your theme.


    1. Hi Phil – WordPress issues a Weekly Photo Challenge and I am having a lot of fun finding photos that I think fit the words they come up with!


  2. Hi Margie,
    I think you have come up with some good ones for “the possibility” theme. I love the spiders work on the rocks, and what a lovely thought for your friend.


  3. The cairn is a “possibility” with the spider thinking it can conquer the pile with the web…..One is solid, the other is so gentle. So gentleness can conquer the hardness of the heart.


  4. All the pictures are fabulous, but the rock cairn calls to me. I have three outside my little condo. They are my talismans reminding me of all of the possibilities of my new life.

    The textures in all the pictures is so varied–just like life and the variety of possibilities it presents…


    1. Hi Lorna – Rock Cairns pop up all over the place. I’ll have to post the photos I took of some I found on my last vacation.


  5. Your photography is so good, I can see the pollen drifting off the onion plant and then to my already allergy laden nose. Maybe the spider would web a filter around that plant.


    1. Hi Jake – We are fortunate at the cabin to have gravel roads. The large rocks work their way to the edge of the road, where we pick them up and bring them home!


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