Carrots that Rebelled – Oddly Shaped Roots

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.
– Jim Davis –

I’ve finished harvesting the carrots, and found a few rebels in the bunch:


This one had two roots and they kept spiraling around each other down the entire length of the carrot. Does it remind you of any real life situations? I’m drawing a blank here…


This carrot decided, late in life, to send out roots in every direction! It kind of reminds me of The Car Guy. Once he was retired, he headed down all sorts of paths that he hadn’t had time to explore before!

Everything you ever wanted to know about carrots is at a website called World Carrot Museum. You really should visit this site. It is informative, well laid out, and a lot of fun… at least I think it is, but I’m knee deep in carrots right now.

Large, naked, raw carrots are acceptable as food only to those who live in hutches eagerly awaiting Easter.
– Fran Lebowitz, Metropolitan Life, 1978 –

What about you?  What vegetable can you simply not fathom eating?

24 thoughts on “Carrots that Rebelled – Oddly Shaped Roots

  1. Carrots can do the oddest things. I once found one that looked like a severed finger, complete with a finger nail. it was both gross and fascinating at the same time. I stuck it in a bowl of mixed nuts at a party and watched peoples’ reactions. I never had more fun with a carrot! 🙂


    1. Hi Phil – You have made some very deep observations about the motivation of carrots, and I have to agree that they certainly look that way!


    1. Hi Bridget – I’m sure a veggie has the most appreciation for the immense variety of tastes and textures. I know people who love the taste of bananas, but can not tolerate the texture.


  2. These are the wildest carrots I’ve ever seen. Little sculptures all unto themselves. I wouldn’t eat them either..more like put them in some sort of museum!


    1. Hi Marcie – My Carrot Museum will have to be one of photographs. I think The Car Guy has already eaten the carrot oddities and declared they taste just like any other carrot.


    1. Hi odorunara – I’m not sure what would prompt the spiral carrot to do that, but I think the other carrot maybe bumped up against a rock or something, and that caused the roots to head off in different directions.


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