Button Up for Winter – Closing Down the Cabin

I stayed at the cabin for most of the first half of October.  Besides spending many hours taking fall pictures and listening to the sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet, I got everything ready so that when The Car Guy arrived we could Button Up the Cabin for Winter.

The shut down process isn’t complicated, just time consuming. Anything that won’t survive six months of freeze is packed up and taken home.  Anything that we might want at home during the winter is packed up too. Lawn furniture, bikes, golf cart and toys are put under cover. Water lines are drained. Anti-freeze is poured. The blinds are pulled. The door is locked. I cry a bit, and we go home.

The cabin won’t be without occupants, however. As we moved things out, the two spotted ladybug was moving in. Our province is host to many species of ladybugs, but the native one, and the bug least frequently seen, is the two spotted one!

Spiders will move in too. I’ll find their webs everywhere when we open up the cabin next April. We’ll move back in, and the bugs will  move outside. The cycle will start again.

What bugs do you share your home with?