Three Moose Parade Behind my Alberta Yard

My home office, the place where I write all these pithy posts, is a recliner in the living room. My laptop sits on a board that straddles the two arms – my desk. The chair faces the windows and patio door and I have a clear view of all that is happening to the east and the south of The Red House.

One recent morning, just as the sun was painting the horizon a reddish orange colour, a flash of something light caught my eye. It was the bum end of a white tail deer, then another one, bounding out of the woods. Odd to see them in such a hurry. Then, close behind them, I saw a large dark form, then another and then a third. As they all cleared the woods and headed into the field, I saw that the dark forms were three moose.

I leaped out of my chair and grabbed my camera. “Wait Moose! Please Wait!”  But they were in a hurry, and by the time I got to the window they were almost out of view. I ran outside, crossed the yard and then stopped to make sure the moose weren’t close enough to be dangerous. Once I knew their whereabouts, I made a dash for the edge of our property.

three mooseBy now the moose were specks in the distance, so I zoomed the camera in and hoped for the best. The result was this rather grainy picture, but at least it shows the three moose, and one of the surprised horses who was also watching the Moose Parade.

While I was working with this photo in Photoshop Elements, I wondered what would happen if I cropped out just one moose.

I was pleased to see the result. Looks rather like an impressionist painting, don’t you think?

Hunters will tell you that a moose is a wily and ferocious forest creature. In fact, a moose is a cow drawn by a three-year-old.
– Bill Bryson – Notes from a Big Country –

24 thoughts on “Three Moose Parade Behind my Alberta Yard

  1. Cool, I’ve only seen a “live” moose once in my life. My wife and I went to college in Maine. One day we were driving around out in the middle of nowhere and came upon a section of road where there were a bunch of cars lined up along the side. People had tripods out with cameras. We didn’t realize what was going on until we saw a big moose standing out in a field. Pretty amazing animals, I wish we had them around us.


  2. Yeh, Very much like an impressionist painting and very cool. Would you mind if I tried to paint it?
    These pictures are making me homesick.
    Happy Halloween.

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  3. Hi,
    It sounds like you have a very comfortable office indeed, a recliner with a perfect view, you cannot get any better than that.
    I think you did great to capture the moose, and I agree, it does look like a painting.


  4. I like the painted look. It would be really cool to see all those moose. I encountered one in Yellowstone, but I still keep my distance. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.


  5. Perhaps the moose will return? I know my $#%@& deer continually visit my garden. Put out some Bulwinkle treats, but put them closer to the house so you won’t have to run all the way to the back 40. Wear your UnderArmor. They’re tough. thanks for the adventure.


    1. Hi Barb – Deep down I don’t want the moose to jump the fence and come into the yard (like the deer do). A moose would absolutely destroy the trees, while a deer just destroys the roses and vegetables and perennials… Bullwinkle Treats, huh? I’ll have to check the feed store next time I am in town…


  6. With a home-office view like that, it’s no wonder you right such interesting and well spoken post. Your photos are really good, the top one puts me in mind of a western and the close up reminds me of a Monet. 🙂


  7. Margie, I rather envy your writing space and view. No wonder you come up with such inspired posts. I am fascinated with Moose. They are such enigmatic critters. I’m glad you captured them on film and the up-close shot is perfect, leaving much to our lively imaginations!


    1. Hi Lorna – Yes, you do need to have a good imagination! There is a photographer who lives a bit west of us who takes wonderful nature photographs. Here is a link to his moose pictures, just so you can see what a moose looks like close-up and personal: Kananaskis Moose


  8. The horse made me laugh. I have to believe there was a “What the heck–??” expression on his face.

    Yes, uncanny how much that close-up looks like an Impressionist painting. I think you may have just outed all those old “painters” who were really using cameras… : )


    1. Hi Mark – Yes, that is exactly what I thought the horses were saying… well, close to that, but maybe worded a bit stronger – they are teenage horses.

      Can you imagine how many pictures would never be taken if it wasn’t for digital photography? I likely wouldn’t have clicked the shutter if I had to pay for film and developing!


  9. I don’t know why and perhaps this sounds weird, but I LOVE moose!! My aunt and uncle live in Maine and I used to visit them when I was younger. If there was a particularly bad snow storm, they would salt the roads in their area and the moose would come out and lick the salty roads…so cool!


    1. Hi Nicole – I can understand your fascination with Moose! I love them too, though it is a toss up whether I like them, or camels, better…


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