Capturing a Frosty Morning in Alberta

Frosty days and ice-still nights,
Fir trees trimmed with tiny lights,
– Jo Geis, Christmas Long Ago –

As elves go, Jack Frost is one of my favourites. He arrives without warning, but never stays too long. His artistry is magnificent, but fleeting – so I never tire of his work. He doesn’t play favourites – everything within his reach gets equal treatment. But best of all, he works at night, so that when I throw back the curtains in the morning I am greeted with a fairy wonderland. I truly feel sorry for all you people who live somewhere beyond the reach of Jack Frost!

You remember my story called A Grassy Path From Here to There?  That Path has matured now, giving  Jack Frost countless stalks to coat with crystal beads.

And the Allium Seed Heads that I showed you in Going to Seed? Coated with frost from top to bottom!

macro photographyJack’s true artistry can’t be appreciated unless I show you that each and every crystal is a masterpiece!

Now, don’t you wish you lived up here in the land where Winter is knocking at the door!  The land with only four months on the calendar: June, July, August and Winter!

36 thoughts on “Capturing a Frosty Morning in Alberta

  1. Oh how I love the crystalline essence of frost. We haven’t had a hard frost yet–and it’s mid November. I’m waiting, but the bugs are still flying around. What strange weather we’re having “up North!”

    Thanks for the frosty pictures!


    1. Hi Sanetes – You are right about a mule to carry the photo gear and provisions! I’m only starting out with my equipment, so it all fits in one back pack… and a lunch bag if I plan on being gone long enough to need munchies!


  2. Hi,
    In the part of Australia that I live we do get frost, but nothing like you do, ours is more heavy dew no ice at all.
    It’s amazing how the ice forms on the plants, as you have shown in you photo’s, the last photo is spectacular.


    1. Hi Mags – There is nothing more magical than frost like this. We don’t get them all that often in a year, so when we do I head outside and take more pictures!


    1. Hi winsomebella – I promised myself that I would whack down the perennials this fall so that spring clean-up would be easier. I did one flower bed, then decided the other 6 or 7 beds weren’t going to get done. I’m glad I left the dead foliage in place for Jack Frost to decorate!


    1. Hi BRC – You’ll have to take your kids out some frosty morning and turn them lose with a magnifying glass. They’ll find all sorts of interesting ice crystals, I bet!


    1. Hi westwood – You mean there is a scientific explanation for frost? It is not all done by an elf? Next thing, you’ll be telling me there is no tooth fairy!


  3. What a beautiful way to describe the crystal wonderland scene as Jack Frost artistry work. It truly is a masterpiece from nature. I walked in a crystallized park some decades ago; it was one of the few experiences that I always adore. Thank you for sharing!


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