We Say Merry Christmas – 2011

How Our Non-Religious Family celebrates Christmas!

We aren’t all practicing Christians, but we say Merry Christmas, and we sing Christmas Carols. We decorate our house, and eat turkey. We visit friends, and we exchange gifts. We believe in the miracle of the birth of all children. We hope for Peace on Earth, and we extend our hands to all in Good Will.  We don’t think you have to belong to any particular religious denomination to accept and celebrate all that is good about this holiday – this holiday we call Christmas.

Some of the most wonderful things have to be believed to be seen. Like flying reindeer and angels. Like peace on earth, goodwill, hope, and joy. Real because they can be imagined into being. Christmas is not a date on a calendar but a state of mind.
– Robert Fulghum –

33 thoughts on “We Say Merry Christmas – 2011

    1. Hi Ronnie – So sorry to hear this. Our family has had the same experience in the past, so I can understand what a struggle the holiday brings.


  1. Hi Margie,
    What a great job the unknown child did in making The Nativity, a bit of talent coming through there, makes you wonder what that child is now doing. 🙂


    1. Hi Mags – The nativity was a gift from a little girl (Catholic) who thought it was wrong that I didn’t have a nativity to put up at Christmas time. I honestly can’t remember if she made the nativity, or got it at a Christmas craft sale. I bought the little house myself so that my new family had a ‘home’!


  2. I love the nativity scene. The beauty and hope of the child’s heart is clearly seen in it’s tender creation. Wonderful photo for this weeks theme.
    Merry Christmas to you and CC! 🙂


  3. I love the nativity scene, too and I’m surprised you haven’t pumped it up with a few animals of your own. A backyard elk. A few Canadian geese. Maybe a wise woman or two? Thanks for the smile.


    1. Hi Barb – I’ll have to talk to the Wild Child – I’m sure she could rustle up a few more animals to liven up the scene!


  4. Hi frizztext – I appreciate that you take the time to visit my blog. Perhaps you have something else you would like to say, other than leaving a link to your post???


  5. Love it! Somehow we are all in this boat and that 1975 Nativity Set is absolutely priceless. Our Joseph, circa 1972, is looking worse for wear having melted a little in being too close to the fire one year but it wouldn’t be the same without him!


  6. The best part of your post is that “Christmas is a state of mind”. Like you not everyone in my family or friends are Christians. But since I am this means a lot to me. Good picture of the week.


    1. Hi Amanda – You know what they say – value in diversity! There are lots of wonderful people who aren’t Christian, yet can embrace the spirit of the holiday!


    1. Yes, it is another one old post. WordPress says the problem is ‘on their radar’ but they can’t promise when they will be able to fix it!


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