Hoverflies – a Conversation

I overheard part of a conversation between two hoverflies:

Horace: So, what has 4 wheels and flies?
Harriet: A garbage truck.


Harriet: What do bees call hover flies?
Horace: Wannabees!!!

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Between.


    • Hi BRC and Pensioner – the hoverfly looks a lot like a wasp, pollinates like a bee, and hovers like a helicopter. Very wonderful little critter to have in the garden.


  1. oh what fun jokes. Your photo is beautiful. It makes me homesick for Spring to hurry up and get here.
    Wishing you and your husband a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 🙂


    • Thanks Marcie – I didn’t get my macro lens until late in the summer, so I’m looking forward to next spring to see what I other kinds of bugs I can take photos of!


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