Peace and Quiet at the End of the Cabin Season

It is a Tuesday in mid October. All the families and their children have gone back to the city.

Mosquito season is over. Not a single breath of wind disturbs the leaves that will soon blanket the woods and meadows.

fall leaves

The only human stirring along the edge of the little lake is me!  I capture the Peace and Tranquility with my camera, then, I do what the Grandchildren would expect me to do. I throw rocks in the water.

44 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet at the End of the Cabin Season

        1. Hi Madman – Now I’ll be able to read the text besides admiring the photos! I can’t help but understand a certain amount of French because all Canadian product packaging has to be labeled in French and English. But I didn’t learn the French language in school – the French component of our country lives 2900 kilometers away!


      1. I have forwarded your blog to two Canadian friends and they are enjoying reading your posts now. Yes, he would love to splash and romp in your lake but then it wouldn’t be peaceful anymore, would it?


  1. Hi,
    I love photos that show the reflections of nature in the water, they always look magnificent, and your photo shows these reflections brilliantly, very nice.

    Who can resist trying to skim stones across the water, I’m sure it is built into our DNA. 🙂


  2. Awesome photo for the challenge. That’s a beautiful lake and the colors you captured are magnificent. I got a good chuckle from your tossing rocks in it. Such good fun! lol


  3. It finally snowed here. Just a bit and i found I was so disappointed when it melted by noon. It’s nice to have a change in the weather. So I found this photo a nice pause in my day. In the midst of a still dark winter, I was ready for crickets and lakes.


    1. Hi Barb – I think I’d like to live some place where the snow melts by noon! No, maybe I’d like to live someplace where it doesn’t snow. In all honesty, I’d miss the change in the seasons, though!


    1. Hi Barbara – The grandchildren are one of the reasons we have the cabin, and though we enjoy the quiet when they aren’t there, it sure is a lot more fun when they are there!


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