Distortion and the Jelly Fish

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as much as you please.
– Mark Twain –

One of the most beautiful exhibits at an aquarium – a tank full of Jelly Fish.

Now for the distortion. Rest assured, no Jelly Fish were hurt in the process. I opened the photo in Photoshop Elements and used the Filter category called Distort.

Here is the Jelly with a Twirl Distortion. Misshapen, but still very pretty!

This Jelly got a Wave Distortion – quite a radical change, but really, the Jelly is still very handsome, don’t you think? Just imagine how you would look if you got a Wave Distortion!

Here’s the original jelly fish with a filter from another program that creates circles.

46 thoughts on “Distortion and the Jelly Fish

    1. Hi Russel – Jellyfish are very flexible, and not very self conscious about their appearance. They assured me they weren’t bothered with the distortions!


  1. Jellyfish found anywhere but in an aquarium take are just plain gross to me. That being said, I’ve been known to sit in front of an aquarium tank for long periods of time just watching their pulsing and gliding. It is like watching the most beautiful and fluid ballet!
    Love the distortions. I especially love the twirl distortion, the color contrast just adds to the impact of the image!


    1. Hi Carol – I spent quite a bit of time watching these jellyfish, and taking pictures. I wasn’t really sure how the photos would turn out – the lighting wasn’t good, and I was just using my little Panasonic point and shoot camera. I turned the flash off, and hoped for the best!


    1. Hi edrevets – I always thought it was interesting how exotic lingerie was in the Middle East, especially in countries where women went outside dressed in Abayas or other very modest clothing.


    1. Hi jwms – I really did like the colors of this photo. The aquarium must have chosen the lighting for that tank for that reason.


  2. Hi,
    Great job with the distortion, I have to say I like the twist one the best, and I had a bit of a laugh at the Mark Twain quote, great find. 😀


      1. We used to see them all the time when I lived on Long Island in New York and we would swim in the ocean. They weren’t the really “fancy” ones like in your picture, they were just mostly clear jelly blobs. But yes they did sting. The ones we would see weren’t that intense, but it still did hurt!


  3. I love these photos. And would love to learn how to distort. The colours are amazing and a great jumping off point for a painting.


    1. Hi Lorna – I’m sure you are much more creative than I am when it comes time to translate the images into a piece of art!


  4. Brrr, your original photo gives me the shivers. I hated those beasts when I was diving… used to blast them away with a burst of air bubbles 🙂
    Youd distortion is beautiful!


    1. Hi Madman – I’ve never met a jellyfish in the wild, but comments like yours make me realize they have a sinister side.


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