Bumble Bee Fuddled – A Bee Story

Hippie Cahier has declared that the word for this week is Befuddled. I’m filled with bewilderment – I didn’t know words could be given a whole week of their own! Is this WordPress approved?! But Hippie, though sometimes befuddled herself, seems determined that this word deserves special recognition.

I looked through my photo archive to find a picture to illustrate befuddled. What I found won’t surprise you – four photos and a little story that I call ‘Bee Fuddled’. You might want to read this out loud, with a bit of a buzz in your voice:


Bzzzz – I hate it when our Queen gets food cravings. Today she wants Pickle Nectar.


Bzzzz – And there are those demanding larvae – all they want is Burger Pollen.


Bzzzz – It gets so confusing – was I here yesterday? Is this Pickle Nectar or Burger Pollen?


Bzzz – I’ll be so glad when I can retire this fall. Buzzley Bee says we don’t retire – all us worker bees just die – but that can’t be right, can it?! I think we need a Worker Bee Union….

30 thoughts on “Bumble Bee Fuddled – A Bee Story

    1. Hi Lorna – Perhaps you could go over to Hippie’s blog and suggest ‘hullabaloo’ for next week’s word. I think it would be easier to find a photo for than the word she is thinking of – fisticuffs!


  1. Man! That’s macro photography at its finest– gorgeous shots, Margie.

    Your next assignment: add a little violin to one of your fuzzy-buzzer photos and be ready if Hippie ever hands you “Befuddled Befiddler.” : )


    1. Hi yearsticken – the bees are certainly more than just pretty faces. Where would mankind be if the bee wasn’t out there redistributing genetic material!?


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