Contrast – New and Old in Doha Qatar

They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?
– Princess Diana –


The country of Qatar, in the Middle East, has the highest per capita income in the world – for the people who are Qatari. Large numbers of workers from other countries voluntarily migrate to Qatar as low-skilled labourers and domestic servants, and some subsequently face conditions of involuntary servitude.

This creates a land of immense Contrast. In the harbour along the Corniche, fishermen tie up their wooden Dhows.


On the others side of the harbour – large yachts!


Local merchants keep shop in concrete buildings.

Qatar blue

Office towers such as this, the Barzan Tower, are a beautiful blend of old world and new world architecture.

27 thoughts on “Contrast – New and Old in Doha Qatar

  1. The juxtaposition of rich and poor, old and new, makes travel so fascinating. As long as you are not the beggar in the shade of the new building, or the poor fisherman being run over by the big yacht.


    1. Hi Pouring – visitors also have to understand that rich and poor have different meanings in other countries. The working poor in Qatar are often glad to have what seems to them a good paying job compared to what they would have in their home country.


  2. Hi,
    Great photos for the theme. It is amazing the differences that you show.
    The office towers with the old in the front is certainly a different way of showing old and new, I think I like the old architecture better, a lot more style I feel.


    1. Hi Mags – I thought the tower was a very good example of a mix of old and new architecture. Most new buildings are just all glass!


    1. Hi Susan – We lived in Qatar for 3 and a half years. We were repatriated back to Canada in 2004, so it has been a few years since I took the photos. I have a friend who is visiting there right now, so hopefully she will take photos of all our old haunts, though the way the city has changed I don’t expect any of the old buildings to still be there.


  3. That tower reminded me of a building in Boston, honestly don’t remember which one, but its a tall, modern, glass tower, with a very small, old and ornate, historic building next to it that is always reflecting in the glass. Gives you that same sense of old vs. new.


    1. Hi BRC – I haven’t been to Boston, but would like to visit there some day. I understand the John Hancock Tower does a very nice job of reflecting the old buildings nearby.


    1. Thanks Mark – It was fun to look through the Qatar pictures and wonder what the country looks like now. I’m sure glad we kept The Red House while we were overseas. I can’t imagine writing my blog from a blue house or a yellow house!


    1. Thanks Marcie – All countries have examples of extremes, but they are often far apart. Qatar is a very small country, so it is easy to find the extremes by simply walking from one street to the next!


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