Germany – Artistic Arrangement of Produce and Architecture

How to eat spinach like a child – Divide into little piles – rearrange again into new piles – repeat. After five or six maneuvers, sit back and say you are full.
– Delia Ephron –

GermanyAt a Saturday market in  Bamberg, Germany –  one vendor arranged his produce on elliptical shaped platters. Almost too beautiful to eat! The Car Guy would have had a quite a challenge if he had tried to prepare some of these unfamiliar edibles.

Germany pink red flower boxesAlso in Bamberg – an interesting arrangement of beams on this delightfully pink half-timbered shop/residence.

31 thoughts on “Germany – Artistic Arrangement of Produce and Architecture

  1. Hi,
    I love the way the vendor arranged the produce, it does look very nice. 🙂
    I think the pink building looks gorgeous especially with the red flowers under every window.


    1. That reminds me, Lorna, that I have some photos of ice that I should post. Bits of leaves and grass are embedded in the ice – random, but artistically arranged.


    1. Good eye, winsomebella! Yes, I was above it, but the display was tilted with the top resting on another box of produce. I’ve rotated the photo and I think it looks more understandable now!


  2. Wonderful photos for the theme. Love that produce. There’s such good cheer & beauty in produce when it’s arranged right. That building does have interesting woodwork. It’s a lovely building to be sure. 🙂


  3. I love a great presentation but I hate to eat the food to mess up the art. We have edible bouquets here made from oranges’ apples’ pineapples. They’really is just too beautiful to eat. Now I’m hungry.


  4. I spent some time in Munich many years ago. Very quaint, picturesque and charming city. One of the few relatively untouched by the war. I particularly liked the fascinating moving clocks with their varied characters in the town squares. You brought back a nice memory.


    1. We were in Munich for Oktoberfest a few years ago. It is a beautiful city and we enjoyed our visit there very much. We stayed in a hotel right across the road from the main train station, so we could walk everywhere we wanted.


  5. Great foreign photos. Very enjoyable- your commentary as well.
    To answer your question about where one lives and why or whatever. I do not question it for I am completely satisfied with where I live. I have everything that I need within a short distance and I have lots of room on my property. I am not wealthy- not even close. Just lucky to live where I do.


    1. It is wonderful when people really appreciate how valuable home is and that wealth isn’t what necessarily brings happiness.


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