Case of the Disappearing Leg – Reality Sometimes Hurts

I don’t think I will become a fan of America’s Funniest Home Videos. I only watched the first few minutes of one of the shows and thought, what is so funny about incidents and accidents where someone gets their feelings or their body hurt? What kind of person would take videos of those types of things and then send them off to a TV show? For that matter, why do people watch this kind of thing and then laugh?

Of course, I’m feeling a bit touchy about an incident that might have been funny if Charlie Chaplin had done it for a movie, but wasn’t so funny when it happened to me. Let me set up the scenario for you – we have a set of stairs at the back of our property. Two risers and a landing. They go nowhere, but the landing is a wonderful place to stand when I want a panoramic view of sunrises or sunsets. Yesterday morning’s sunrise was not one that held promise, but I had seen The Fox trying to rustle up breakfast in the field and when the fox finally settled down in a depression just beyond our fence, I thought I could sneak down to the viewing platform to get a better look at it.

The fox was not inclined to oblige me and departed very quickly. I decided to take a photo of something anyhow, so I climbed up the stairs onto the landing. I took one quick photo, then turned to take a picture in the opposite direction.

The broken board that allowed the deck to swallow my leg.

That is when one of the deck boards gave way. My right leg went with it, stopping only when the bulk of the upper part of my thigh matched the width of the gap in the decking. Twenty two inches of my leg  disappeared from view.

I sat there in stunned silence for a few seconds, then started to take inventory. My leg hurt in two places. My left hip and right shoulder were hurting too. The camera was still in my right hand, and both were resting on the deck. My hand felt okay, but I didn’t know if the thump had damaged the camera.

With a bit of effort I retrieved my leg and limped down the stairs, then back into the house to survey the damage. I’m a Hurtin’ Albertan!

Later in the day I  looked at my sunrise photo. It was as uninspired as I predicted. So I loaded it into Photoshop Elements and played with the Lighting Levels. Once the sky and cloud colours matched the colours of the bruise on the back of my thigh, I was satisfied.


37 thoughts on “Case of the Disappearing Leg – Reality Sometimes Hurts

  1. So sorry about your injuries… hope you feel better. Great picture, as always. Damn fox, he could have at least stuck around to help you get your leg out of the hole! And to think you were going to give him (or her) his/her 15 minutes of fame!


  2. Ha! That’s awesome. Not falling through the deck (I don’t find that especially amusing either, because stuff like that HURTS), but being inspired by your bruises to make that sunrise look like it would have if it’d been behaving itself a little better.

    I hope you heal quickly!


    1. Thanks Bee. The bruises are changing colours. I’d get the Car Guy to take a photo of both of the big bruises, but leg o’ cellulite isn’t all that pretty.


      1. Mine often take forever it seems! I will have to use their color next time for some color inspiration….good idea you had there. : )


  3. Hi,
    What a nasty fall, you were lucky in the sense that you didn’t break a bone, but if you coloured your photo like your bruise oh yes that is a very nasty bruise indeed. I hope the pain is starting to fad away for you, and I do love what you have done with the photo.


    1. One of the bruises is about 3X5 inches with a distinct line where the leg got wedged and could proceed no further. It is much more funny now that it doesn’t hurt as much!


  4. I agree with you about those inane videos (some of which are staged, which makes them move from inane to insane). When the show first came out many many moons ago, it was more innocent and funny. I remember watching it with Alex (about 4 or 5 at the time). He was laughing to tears and told me, “Mommy, this is the funniest show, EVER.” I think he was the funniest kid ever the way he was laughing.

    I LOVE your sunset photo. My you have a gift with the lens…


    1. It is funny watching kids laugh, isn’t it! I remember when my nephew laughed the first time in his life because I sneezed. It was so wonderful to hear his laugh, that I kept doing fake sneezes to keep him laughing.


  5. Oh dear! I’m glad you survived the fall. I had a similar incident at our cabin. I had climbed up on a 3 step stool to paint the top of door jam and I didn’t set the stool up properly. When I got up to the top, it gave way and I went flying backwards. I cracked my head on a sawhorse that was behind me and I saw stars! The paint brush went flying but I managed to keep the dish of paint in my hand upright and spilled hardly a drop. Once I quit seeing stars I set up the stool properly and got the painting done. I really like your “doctored” sunrise!


    1. Ouch! It sounds like your accident was a lot worse than mine, but I can imagine how important it was to keep the paint from spilling all over the place!


  6. Ooh, ouch! I took a nasty fall in the garden a few years ago and spent 2 weeks of prime gardening time in the hospital. So glad to hear that you are OK beyond the bumps & bruises. Great lemonade job on the bruised sunset 🙂


  7. Oh good gracious. I hope your healing alright. Bless your heart.
    I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

    I agree with you about Americas Funniest Home Videos and have said many times much the same thing as you expressed here.


  8. Ditto, ditto on America’s Stupidest Home Yoyos, possibly our most embarrassing export, among many… : (

    Glad you’re OK, and your quip about matching photo color to your bruise really made me laugh…

    Your tale brought back memories of my walking down our icy back steps one winter morning, carrying a refilled birdfeeder. I think I executed a two-and-a-half somersault. For the neighborhood squirrels, it was the equivalent of hitting the jackpot… : (


    1. Yes, I can just imagine the squirrels holding up little scorecards that judged the execution of your moves and how well you completed the landing.


  9. Oh you poor thing – you could have been seriously hurt! I have 2 deck boards that are rotting. You’ve inspired me to take care of this sooner, rather than later.


    1. Thanks for your concern, Peg. We have some rotting deck boards at the cabin and we will be taking care of those this spring before they eat up someones leg.


  10. Not all surprises are pleasant! Hope all you ended up with is a few sore muscles here and there. I am in total agreement, unexpected falls don’t equal hilarity, and the three stooges antics just make me cringe. I love your sunset, your tweaking was just the thing!


    1. I suppose some people don’t outgrow some forms of humour, but personally I am not a fan of the Three Stooges either!


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