Moose Tracks in my Alberta Yard

AlbertaThis past winter a new set of tracks appeared on the edge of our woods – Moose. These tracks were made by several moose, likely travelling together.

Exciting, but moose can be very dangerous during certain times of the year. One of them has already challenged a car on the road out front, I hear.

I’m not too concerned about my personal safely, however. I have an early warning system – the chatty birds – Magpies. I’m not the only creature they harass! Owls, deer, coyotes, crows, fox, skunks – nothing slinks through these woods without being vocally assaulted by the magpies. All I have to do is listen carefully and I’ll know in advance if there is something I should be aware of.

AlbertaJust how big is a moose?  This is a close up shot of one of the tracks in the snow. The two little holes on the right side of the track are left by the animals dew claws which are two small extra toes that are situated a bit higher up the back of the leg. This track would be about 5 inches long.

The moose in the photo below is standing next to a fence that is 4 feet tall (and I am just over 5 feet tall) so you can understand why I would not want to be near a moose if it was having a bad day! I feel much safer with my trusty Magpies on full alert!

14 thoughts on “Moose Tracks in my Alberta Yard

  1. I loved this post! Great story, great photos. Start with Magpies, add Moose, bring Magpies back and tie it all together. Well done! All joy in writing. HF


  2. Hi,
    Great photos, I especially like the tracks in the snow, it is just amazing how deep the tracks are. The moose look a little scary I must say, I wouldn’t like to be confronted by one.


  3. Until 5 years ago I had never seen a “moose on the loose.” I was driving home on the Maine Turnpike at dusk and saw something on the side of the road ~ “That’s the biggest deer I’ve ever seen.” Alas, it was a mangy moose running from the woods along the turnpike to escape something they fear as much as we do ~ the mischievous mosquito!! There’s another M story for you…


    1. How right you are – so many M words. I’ll be sure to write a mosquito story once they start to bite.


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