Goldfield Arizona – Where History Comes Alive

ghost town buildings cactusGoldfield Arizona was an active community in the mid 1890’s. Today it is a Ghost Town, full of beautifully old things. It is even possible that the Saguaro cactus in the middle of the photo is almost as old as the town.

The theme of the WordPress Photo challenge this week was Two Subjects. Which two subjects are your favourites in the photo above?

Here are a few more photos taken in Goldfield:

24 thoughts on “Goldfield Arizona – Where History Comes Alive

  1. Hi,
    I love the photo, and that would have to be the biggest cactus I have ever seen, that is huge. I also like the old tractor? I think that one would have a lot of story’s to tell. 😀


    1. There are a lot of interesting stories that could be told by the objects in this photo, if we chose to take the time to listen.


  2. The most obvious are the cactus and that old engine but what about the old church or schoolhouse in the background. Then there’s the lady with the pink dress in the left upper window, I wonder what she’s looking at, maybe the photographer


    1. What kind of lens do you have in those sunglasses!?
      That cactus is awfully prickly – I think I would have left it there too, rather than try to move it.


    1. Ha ha! The Ghost town is an active tourist destination with mine tours etc. I don’t think the bordello does any actual business – the lady in the window is a mannequin.


  3. I won’t read what the other folks wrote until I post my guess. It looks like natural growth in the desert vs man’s growth, and the added bonus is that every structure, both natural and man made in the photo, is pointing skyward… and maybe that man’s growth died, but the natural things are still flourishing.


    1. A great observation! Reminds me of those shows on TV that discuss how soon the earth would revert back to nature if mankind died off.


  4. I LOVE visiting ghost towns… I never saw this one though, they are too many for the few days I spent in Arizona / Wyoming / Utah etc
    Beautiful sho of yours’ Margie, so many things to look at. I am in awe…


    1. We have not spent nearly enough time exploring that part of the world, but it is indeed full of interesting old places to visit.


  5. An old rustbucket and a bordello: hot rods and sex! I see the Car Guy’s influence here… : (

    Love your new theme, and that new header image of the frosty hayfield is absolutely fantastic– wonderful!! : )


        1. I’m not sure how old you are, but from what I’ve learned in your blog you have a long way to go before you will be considered ‘old’! But you are certainly interesting despite your ‘youth’!


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