27 thoughts on “New Mexico – Together – Rock Columns at Bandelier Monument

  1. Long ago, in the ancient civilization of horse people, there were 2 young lovers. Life was good on the hills and valleys where these beautiful people lived. One day, a terrible tragedy occurred. A swarm of giant locusts invaded the territory and stripped it bare of all vegetation and living creatures…including the beautiful horse people. These ferocious invaders simply gobbled up the entire land of people and everything around them…and then they left. While this was going on, the young lovers were hidden deep inside a cave, doing what young lovers do best. And when they emerged, everything had disappeared. So deep was their sorrow that they sat together on a rock, waiting for the return of their families and friends. And they sat for so long, they fused into the rock and turned to stone. And there they wait – their love rock solid through the ages. The end.
    (Your picture inspired me – as a story inventor I simply couldn’t resist.)


        1. Maybe I could just post photos and someone else would write the stories for me. How many blogs can say that the photographer has no idea what the writer is going to say, and the writer has no idea what the photograph is going to be until it is posted?


    1. Thanks Barb. I’m not sure about the great eye bit, but I do try not to take photos with power poles coming out of peoples heads, and things like that!


    1. Yes, and there is just not enough time to photograph and write about all the wonderful things in nature!


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