How to Clone Yourself – Unfocused

I was going to use this photo for a post about how I wish I could clone myself.  I even have it figured out how the process would happen. I will simply stand outside the house in front of a dual pane window (the cleaner the better so that there isn’t dirt blobs or bird poop on my clone.) I will hold up a box like apparatus (think Calvin and Hobbes and ‘The Transmogrifier’ box, only much smaller), focus until two distinct people appear in the viewfinder, and click the shutter.  Then I will take one large step back, leaving my clone standing right in front of me.

I tried it several times with my Canon camera, but the process didn’t work. I think I have to practice  making the two images less unfocused, and perhaps the camera is much too sophisticated for the job. I think an empty kleenex box with a cardboard toilet paper tube stuck in it would be a better starting point.

If I perfect this technology, one of us will let you know by blogging about it. The other will be off taking photos. Gee, I’m sure looking forward to having a twin!

34 thoughts on “How to Clone Yourself – Unfocused

  1. You have me chuckling this morning. I would love a clone, especially this time of year. And as long as we are cloning, why stop at one? I could certainly make use of 2 or 3.


    1. I agree. I want a clone at the cabin to cook and clean. One at home to do the same things. That will let me retire and do only fun things. (The downside of being a stay-at-home hausfrau is that you never get to retire.)


    1. I’m not sure how much more information I want to divulge. I expect there is money to be made if I can perfect this technology.


    1. Woof – I never thought about wardrobe. I’ll have to clone a whole bunch of clothes too. I hope they don’t like chocolate. I’d hate to have to share it.


  2. I picked up ANOTHER Calvin & Hobbes book at the Goodwill just the other day and was snorting over the Transmogrifier. Remember when all the bad Calvins were wreaking havoc?

    Good luck to both Margies on getting this worked out.


    1. I bought, or got as gifts, all the Calvin & Hobbes books. When all the cartoons were reissued in a 3 volume hard bound set, I bought the set, and gave away all the softcover books. I think those three books contain all the most important stuff I have ever learned.
      Yes, I remember all the bad Calvins. I have high hopes that the cloned Margie will be a much better person than I am.


  3. Photoshop has a cloning tool…
    My Uncle Bert took a photo of a family reunion in a room with lots of square-paned windows. He added some of the deceased family members, that you could see through, looking in through the glass. The effect was eerie, but comforting, if that makes any sense.


    1. I think that was a great idea your Uncle Bert had. I would imagine the people at the family reunion would have been pleased with the result.


    1. That is exactly what I was thinking. My clone could do the housework and I could do the gardening. When we were both done, my clone could cook dinner, while I put my feet up and drank a glass of wine.


    1. How very nice of you to say that! My husband would be more likely to say twice as many things showing up in his job jar if there were two of me.


    1. Great choice of topics! I’ll see what I can come up with by next Wednesday, when I normally post my Weekly Photo Challenge. Gee, my Unfocused photo would have worked well for a ‘Reflections’ topic.


    1. You can rest assured I’ll let everyone know if I am successful. Or maybe my clone will post it. I’ll have to see if Margie 2 is a better writer.


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