Hands – Both Human and Card

The Older Teacher:

You have 14 points showing. What do you want to do?
The Younger Student: Go Fish?

Card games, or any game really, are wonderful tools for teaching children how to do something and how to lose.  Where else can a person learn how to push the envelope without being fearful of the consequences? How else can a child learn that winning isn’t what life is all about – being in the game is what is really important!

One of the world’s most popular entertainments is a deck of cards, which contains thirteen each of four suits, highlighted by kings, queens and jacks, who are possibly the queen’s younger, more attractive boyfriends.
– Lemony Snicket –

The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was a genius.
-Julius “Big Julie” Weintraub –

One of the world’s most tiresome questions is what object one would bring to a desert island, because people always answer “a deck of cards” or “Anna Karenina” when the obvious answer is ‘a well equipped boat and a crew to sail me off the island and back home where I can play all the card games and read all the Russian novels I want.’
– Lemony Snicket –

Besides lovemaking and singing in the shower, there aren’t many human activities where there is a greater difference between a person’s self-delusional ability and actual ability than in poker.
– Steve Badget

21 thoughts on “Hands – Both Human and Card

    1. Hi Dor – I’m looking forward to visiting you at your new blog. I’ve clicked the follow button so all that is left is for you to keep writing!


  1. Well…failing isn’t fun, but I’ve discovered it seems to be my main avenue for learning. I don’t seem to watch and learn from others’ mistakes. I love the art/photo


    1. You are so right about the avenues for learning. I can tell you five different techniques that did NOT make this photo look the way I wanted!


    1. Thanks Mags. I’ve been playing around with this photo for quite a while, but didn’t really have a story to go with it. This photo challenge was perfect.


    1. Thanks! It took quite a few layers and a lot of experimentation to turn the photo into a drawing, then add a bit of colour back in.


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