Poked – Barbed Wire and Rose Thorn Macros

I hate weddings. Old people would poke me saying ‘You’re next’. They stopped when I started going up to them at funerals and poking them, saying, ‘You’re next’.
– Author Unknown

macroAlthough it isn’t very polite to poke someone with your finger, the only thing that might get hurt is someones feelings. Not so if you get poked with one of these metal menaces. Do you know what it is?

AlbertaNot quite as dangerous, but painful none the less, are the thorns on a rose bush. I don’t think there are a pair of gardening gloves that can protect your hands when you try to prune one of these plants. The rose is just one of many plants with very prickly personalities!

20 thoughts on “Poked – Barbed Wire and Rose Thorn Macros

  1. Hi,
    I haven’t any idea at all what the metal object is. 🙂
    But the thorns on that rose stem are huge, and you are so right about the gloves.


    1. Hi Joy – that wasn’t too hard for a westerner to guess, was it? Yes, I think we are safely past snow season. It isn’t all that hot here, but it is a very dry spring so far. Snow pack in the mountains is well above average this year, so the potential for flooding isn’t over yet.


  2. I wonder if I’d have the nerve to use that “you’re next” line. ha ha ha. I have several weddings to go to soon. I’m already married, so no one will use that line on me. Darn.


    1. I expect you are sensitive enough not to use the ‘you’re next’ line on any of your unmarried friends!


    1. Pardon my presumption, but I had kind of thought you were just a bit crazy naturally. But now I can see it isn’t your natural state, just a result of run ins with people who call barbed wire ‘bob wire’.


  3. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I grew up on a farm and there were a lot of barb wire fences around the country where I lived, even on our property. I got snagged crossing one of the fences, and it did not feel good at all. The first photo looks similar to the barbs on those fences, course ours were old, rusty and brown.


    1. I’ve tangled with a few of those barbed wire fences myself over the years, and most of them were old and rusty. Every time one drew blood, I’d remember to check and see if my tetanus shot was up to date!


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