How to Lose Weight – The Strawberry Diet

I lost 2 pounds last week. I’m not sure where they went, but I won’t be sending out a search party to find them. How did I do it? I’m going to claim it was because of my Strawberry Diet.

It I had an ounce of Entrepreneurship in me, I would write another book about this diet (I’m not the first person to eat a boatload of strawberries and write about it). But the procedure is so incredibly simple, and I’m all for the free sharing of ideas (and Garage Sale Stuff), so I’m going to tell you my secret.

First, you need a bargain hunting husband like mine who bought a very big container of strawberries from Costco because it was so much cheaper than a small container at the grocery store. Then, you need him to wash and hull and chop them all up for you.  My spouse also came home with one good size watermelon which he also cut into bite size chunks.  Since he doesn’t really like strawberries all that much, he overdosed on the watermelon, leaving me to use up the strawberries.

Day 1 – Breakfast is a good time to start eating the strawberries. A good size bowl full of them and a chopped apple, with granola sprinkled over top, and a big dollop of yogurt – I ate it with enthusiasm. Lunch – more strawberries, more yogurt, and a spoonful of peanut butter on the side for a bit of protein. Afternoon snack – a bowl of strawberries, a banana, and a small spoonful of ice cream. Dinner – a bit of meat and a bunch of vegetables, then dessert – a bowl of strawberries, and a squirt or two of chocolate syrup. (A bit of exercise is good too – I painted a bedroom.)

Day 2, 3 and 4- Pretty much a repeat of Day 1 as far as the strawberries were concerned. I varied the other foods, just to keep it from getting too boring. (Keep up the exercise! I painted the dining room, weeded the flower beds and cleaned the house.)

Day 5 – Coming down the home stretch on the strawberry front – I finished them off by bedtime. I didn’t like strawberries all that much by then. My enthusiasm for painting, cleaning and weeding wasn’t all that high either.

So there it is – The Strawberry Diet. Of course, I should call it the Strawberry, Yogurt, Other Foods, Painting, Weeding and Cleaning Diet, but I don’t think that would sell as well.

29 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight – The Strawberry Diet

    1. Thanks Hippie – the never ending search for the theme that works just the way I want it to!
      As for the diet, the two pounds were lurking inside the calamari and white wine, it appears.


    1. I switched to bananas and chocolate coated raisins for a few days, but that didn’t seem to have the same effect. Guess I’d better try the blueberries!


  1. Great diet…strawberries are diuretic which could account for the weight loss along with the exercise. They’re a good diet food anyway – love the squirt of chocolate syrup idea too. Maybe there’s a diet book in your future! Very funny post Margie!


    1. A diuretic! So, my 2 pound loss is actually hiding out in the next few glasses of water I drink. I knew it was too good to be true.


  2. Hi,
    I also love strawberries, they are always nice. I also like them in a fruit salad with a bit of ice-cream or yogurt. 🙂
    You certainly got a lot of things done when you were on your strawberry diet, I think that may of had more to do with the loosing a few pounds, than the strawberries. 😀


    1. Yes, like most diets, it is the increased exercise that really gets results – but that isn’t what people want to do, is it!


    1. I didn’t think about using honey, but that sounds good. I still wouldn’t be able to eat it all in one go, though!


    1. Welcome to my world of too many strawberries, Gian Carlo. I’m sure you have many foods in your country that I have never seen. We are a very big world, after all!


    1. Oh sure, then you’ll want whip cream, and you won’t want to paint, and weed, and clean the house. Then you’ll say you want your money back because the diet didn’t work….
      Glad you like the fresh new look – it is what happens when you put your blog on the strawberry diet.


    1. I’ve lost another 2 pounds on a “you’ve got an intestinal problem so drink broth for a few days” diet. I’m not going to search for them either, but I bet they find me next week!


  3. Strawberries have been ‘in season’ here in southern Ontario for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been buying a quart every couple of days (locally grown fruit always tastes so much better than the cardboard-flavoured stuff that’s shipped thousands of miles in plastic containers). I’ve been eating strawberries pretty much every day with breakfast and lunch, and the other night we had ‘dessert’ for dinner – nibbles of cheese and strawberry shortcake (angel food cake with piles of berries and whipped cream in the middle and on top). What a treat (I did let my husband have a small sandwich with his so he didn’t feel ‘deprived’ of a ‘real meal’). This is probably the last week for local berries, so I guess I’ll be going off the ‘the strawberry diet’ fairly soon (and I’ve lost just over a pound in the last week or so – which I’d attributed to lots of gardening in sweltering heat, but maybe you’re right about the berries …).


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