LEGO Surgeon Says, This is What is Wrong!


The Car Guy was still in the hospital after his Motorcycle Accident when our daughter, The Nurse, gave her dad this Lego Surgeon. If you look very carefully at the x-ray in the Surgeon’s hand, you might see what is wrong with the patient.

We decided the x-ray showed a rib fracture, though if you turn the x-ray upside down, it might be a break in the clavicle. Since The Car Guy had both – rib fractures and a broken clavicle – the x-ray was fairly accurate!

41 thoughts on “LEGO Surgeon Says, This is What is Wrong!

  1. How cute! Hope Car Guy feels better soon! Sounds painful.

    By the way, I love your header image with the Strider bike in the rack with the adult bikes. Our daughter LOVES her strider and, yes, we have a bike rack in the backyard where hers sits alongside our much bigger bikes.


    1. Thanks Caryn.
      The Strider belongs to my nephews young son, and I thought it was so cute when it got parked next to the big bikes that the grand children use when they are at the cabin.


    1. Yes, the eyes, plus the LEGO website which says: “Nothing distracts the ever-serious Surgeon when she’s performing an important operation.”


  2. If you look at the x-ray sideways, it might be a broken thermo-coupler link for a Tardis, which would explain why the ‘Doctor’ has a sonic screwdriver…. (Only nerds will get this joke, but that doen’t mean it isn’t funny)…


  3. I stopped by your ‘About’ when you stopped by my blog and I new I had stopped by before. That’s a lot of stopping. Thanks for visiting. I’ll stop now 😀


  4. I think I know where the nurse– your daughter– gets her sense of humor from. And from what you’ve written about the Car Guy, I’d say your daughter also knows the right approach to take with her dad… : )

    Hope CG’s doing well, ditto yourself and all the concerned clan.


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