Free Spirit – Pink Freud the Antique Auto

As I watched Layton pack his little bags into Pink Freud, a 1938 Ford, I thought, “He’s a Free Spirit, an Adventurer – Indiana Jones in a Hot Rod.”

I’ll skip over the fact that he had arrived at our house with a pack of luncheon meat and cheese in his Computer Bag, but had forgot to bring a coat of any kind. From our house, he was leaving on a week’s road trip in a car with no side windows, no heat and a broken windshield wiper. (Alberta to British Columbia in early September – rain or snow are both possible this time of year.)  Pink Freud’s battery was dead,  but once boosted the engine roared to life. With a cheerful wave, Layton and Freud were gone.

13 thoughts on “Free Spirit – Pink Freud the Antique Auto

    1. It is a beautiful looking car, isn’t it! The Car Guy is starting to think about how he can justify buying one for his fleet.


    1. Yes, they are a perfect pair. Layton sometimes wears a gangster type suit and uses an old violin case instead of a brief case when he goes out in Pink Freud.


  1. The whole thing conjures up an image of Sigmund F. smoking one of those Pink Owl bubble gum cigars you used to be able to buy for a nickel. Yes, clearly my mind is going… : (

    Great story, very cool photo!


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