Some Blue Things at my House

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is titled Mine. I don’t have any photos of land mines, or strip mines or mine shafts, so I took a photo of something that I think of as Mine.

This blue glass is mine.

I have two others just like it. The fourth one got broke. It is my water glass, and I use it every time I want a glass of water. It makes the water look very blue, and I like that. I used it once for milk, but blue milk is wrong.

There is no known navy-blue food. If there is navy-blue food in the refrigerator, it signifies death.
– Erma Bombeck –

Blue food – there aren’t many things I would eat that are bluish in colour, so when I looked in the fridge recently and saw that the Pickled Garlic had turned blue, I was ready to throw it out. But it wasn’t Mine to throw out, because The Car Guy was the one who pickled it.

I checked on the internet to see if there was any possible way blue garlic could be safe. According to LifeTips, this isn’t an uncommon event and blue garlic is safe to eat as long as it doesn’t exhibit any signs of spoilage.

Raw garlic contains an enzyme that if not inactivated by heat reacts with sulphur and copper, to form copper sulphate. The amount of copper needed for this reaction is very small and is frequently found in normal water supplies, and in some utensils.

Moving from odd colours to odd flavours: I read a post today by a blogger who describes her experience with vomit flavoured Jelly Beans. That reminded me that we have a few small boxes of similarly disgusting Jelly Belly beans.

Notice how there are two different flavours for each coloured Jelly Bean. Pick a black one, and it could be licorice, or it could be skunk spray. A red one could be strawberry jam, or it could be centipede. A brown bean could be chocolate pudding or canned dog food. (I think canned dog food would be a relatively easy flavour to develop, but exactly how did they determine what flavour skunk spray or centipede is, I wonder.)

Back to blue things, the blue jelly beans could either be berry blue or toothpaste and I’m not sure that toothpaste would be all that bad.

If you want to try these Jelly Beans, they are made by Jelly Belly, and they are called ‘Bean Boozled’.

25 thoughts on “Some Blue Things at my House

  1. For the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone would want to spend money on gross-flavored candy (can gross-flavored stuff really be called candy?). Can you picture handing these “treats” out on Halloween? LOL.


    1. I expect if you gave a box of these to each of the kids who came to your house for Halloween, you would be considered the coolest lady in town!


  2. When the Harry Potter books first came out, I bought my two kids each a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. I managed to select the ear wax flavoured one out of one of the boxes. Can I just say… eeeuwwwww! LOL! And I had the same thought: “Who does quality control on these things to make sure they taste exactly like ear wax and how would they know?” LOL! But the kids had fun seeing what flavour they would get next.


    1. Yes, I was thinking of the Harry Potter books when I wrote this post.

      Dumbledore: “I was unfortunate enough in my youth to come across a vomit-flavored one, and since then I have rather lost my liking for them. But, I think I could be safe with a nice toffee. (eats it)…Hmm, alas, earwax.”
      ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


    1. Jelly Belly makes a Root Beer flavour, but not beer. What an oversight!
      There are all sorts of new Beer flavours popping up – maple bacon ale being one of them. That doesn’t appeal to me any more than pencil shavings jelly beans!


  3. That’s a great water glass. Undecided on the milk….as kids, we once made blue scrambled eggs – then no one wanted to eat mind over matter there!
    Who ever thought up the odd flavors for jelly beans must have young boys? Wait, could be frat house stuff, too? (why grow up?)
    Enjoyed the read.


    1. Welcome to my blog, philosopher. Yes – I think those flavours are exactly what young boys would order. Maybe frat boys too. Well, maybe boys of all ages…


    1. My kitchen has blue and yellow accents – I’ve collected a few pieces of blue glass to put in the giant dust catcher space above the kitchen cabinets..
      The jelly beans – yes, very Harry Potterish feeling.


  4. Blue milk is wrong made me bust out laughing. Truer words were never spoketh… : )

    I’ve eaten a few million beans in my time. Yeah, ol’ Jelly Belly ripped off JKR on that one. After HP, kids demanded a higher standard. Uh, make that lower standard.

    Great pix, tell the Car Guy to get better fast so you can clear his junk outta the fridge!! : )


    1. On the contrary, the better he gets the more ‘left field’ things he will make to put in the fridge. What he needs is his own fridge – in the garage.


  5. Sounds like Jelly Belly was inspired by Harry Potter – Every Flavor Beans. Eeeeewwww. Blue cheese is probably the only blue food I’d go for. Let me know how that garlic turns out for you.


    1. Welcome to my blog, Cindy. The Hogging Up BBQ Festival looks like a whole bunch of fun and you certainly support a great cause!


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