Simply Eggcellent – Don’t be a Stupid Girl (Video)

I Believe Women will achieve the Equality they deserve when they can defy all the industries that make them feel unworthy.
I Believe Women will achieve the Happiness they deserve when they quit worrying about their age, and how they look.
I Believe the Media does a better job at Instilling Fear in people than it does in empowering them.

Many women, I’ve discovered, don’t share my beliefs. They are willing to support the industries that tell them they are not good enough – not pretty enough, not thin enough, not sexy enough.

Fortunately, there are women who do share a few of my beliefs and one of these is the writer of the blog Hippie Cahier.  She recently wrote an ‘eggcellent post’ “I don’t wanna be a stupid girl”. Also, be very sure to watch the video by P!nk called Stupid Girls. 

 Another blogger who writes about women, both historically and in the present, is Barb at Before Morning Breaks. In this post she tells of a new fashion hell: Before Morning Breaks Considers Changing Buttletts.

Please use the comment form below to link to any of your posts, or any posts you have read elsewhere, that encourage women to ‘Not be Stupid Girls’!


Some of my other Rants about why I wish Women would ignore the industries and the media that they are slaves to:

A 3 Dressed Up As a 9 – Sondra the Snow Goddess before and after she is photoshopped so she looks thinner.
A Skinny-Obsessed World – “Let my girls be Hermiones, rather than Pansy Parkinsons. Let them never be Stupid Girls.” J.K. Rowling
The Beauty Hype – I’m against women being told they must color their hair or hide their wrinkles or paint their faces or wear certain clothes or lose weight – in order to be beautiful.
Mother Nature Defies the Beauty Industry! Can you imagine what the world would look like if Mother Nature listened to the human Beauty Industry?
How to Run in Stilettos – “Courage is no match for an unfriendly shoe“. Roger Moore, as James Bond
What Dressing Like a Slut Says – So ladies, wear revealing clothing if you want to. But don’t ever think it is safe to wear anything you want where ever you want. Life isn’t about Why you shouldn’t be a victim, it is about how NOT to be a victim.
The Glass Ceiling is Made of Cloth – But really ladies, if you can’t peacefully co-exist with your own body (just as it is when you hop out of the shower) why do you think you are playing on the same field as the men you are competing with?
The Many Faces of Women’s Equality – I’m all for women’s liberation and gender equality. I just don’t want to see the children get trampled in the morning rush to the office.
The Power of Grey Hair – Mia Gallagher believes our fear of mortality is behind the fear of ageing and treating ageing as a disease that can be cured with potions. “If aging is a disease then life is a disease.”
Women, Liberation, Freedom, Beauty – As Naomi Wolf explained in The Beauty Myth: “An ideology that makes women feel “worth less” was urgently needed to counteract the way feminism had begun to make us feel worth more.”

22 thoughts on “Simply Eggcellent – Don’t be a Stupid Girl (Video)

  1. As a father of two now fully grown daughters, I remember having discussions quite often with my wife about how all the objectification of women, which to me seemed to begin in large proportion in the 1980’s, ran counter to the women’s movement of the prior decades, eroding so much of what had been gained. Good topic. I might add that in addition to women needing to ignore media and industries they might be slaves to, they may also need to ignore other women as well, for some of the harshest self-image criticism oftentimes comes from other women. I hope I don’t stir a hornet’s nest with the last comment, but thought I’d put it out there in the interest of fair discussion.


    1. Thanks Phil. Not sure how the link got messed up, but I’ve corrected it.
      You are right about how hard women are on other women. Go ahead, stir up any hornet’s nest you want – hopefully it will make a few women think about how they view others, and how they view themselves.


        1. Amen, Phil. Why is it, claws come out? Some of the meanest people I’ve ever met were women, thankfully that’s counterbalanced by some of the most tender-hearted souls I’ve crossed paths with were women, too.


  2. You’re so kind, Margie. Thanks for the mention. I used to think it was an age thing. You know….after a certain age we don’t have to keep up with power suits and being seen with the right people, but I’m not sure if that’s it. I’m beginning to conclude that it’s about being comfortable in your own skin. (And of course, there’s lots of media which tells us we shouldn’t be…unless we shop at Marshals, use Dove soap, and eat Yoplait.) It shouldn’t take 50 years to learn to be beautiful just the way we are (as someone with your eye for capturing beauty already knows.) Keep preaching the message, my wise friend.


    1. Thanks for all your thought provoking posts, Barb. Your blog is a constant reminder of how strong and adaptable women are now, and were in days gone by.
      I agree with your thoughts about the media, though I have to say I support the concept of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. (
      Dove also released this video (Evolution) which everyone should see:


  3. Eggcellent! I struggle with self-image and balancing the desire to look good with an artificially imposed mandate to look a certain way, especially as I get older. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.


    1. It is hard not to compare ourselves to others when we are bombarded with images from the beauty and fashion industry! It must be hard to ignore this when you are still in the workforce.


    1. There are many great websites that present an alternate reality to the one presented by the beauty and fashion industry. Hope this discussion gives your friend a place to start.


  4. I have a solution that works for me in turning my back to society’s expectations of beauty, intelligence but never too much to rock the boat:

    I’m on my bike too often that it’s a hassle to actually stop and window shop often in front of the fashion shops. If women would only find their inner fun passion long term, they won’t pay much attention to the media-hectoring on beauty, fashion, etc.


    1. I know you’ve found your passion, Jean! If we all had to bring our shopping home on our bikes, I’m sure we would spend a lot less.


  5. Margie half the people I know are women but the people I love the most are both women and five of the next 8 are also women and I would love them all without perfume, makeup or anything else that might mask who they really are.


    1. I think many men would agree with you, L8n. I believe women should have the same freedom as men, and to me that means comfortable shoes and clothes, an unaugmented face, and no hair dye – all day, every day. ‘What you see is what you get’ – and you have known me long enough to attest to the fact that I walk the talk.


  6. Posts simply don’t get much better or more courageous than this. Hats off to you Margie for daring to speak the truth; ditto to all the other women you’ve mentioned, and those who have commented here.

    One of your 3 leading statements really jumped out at me: the idea that The Media is all about promoting fear. And I would add: selling. And the two things always seem to go together.

    They weren’t mentioned here, but I’d add “women’s magazines” and good old pornography to the list of anti-women culprits. They both keep women enslaved, and are filled with women (models, celebrities, so-called stars, et. al.) who have sold out to the idea that a woman’s value lies only in her looks, and who take the money to sell this same idea to other women. They’re so brainwashed, they even brag about how empowered they are. Right.

    Great post/posts.


    1. Thanks Mark. I appreciate your comments and observations. You’ve added a couple more items to an already long list of media culprits.


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