iPad Draw Something! There Be Pirates

The average man will bristle if you say his father was dishonest, but he will brag a little if he discovers that his great-grandfather was a pirate.
– Bern Williams –

I’ve been drawing again. The Draw Something app on my iPad is letting me express my creative talents. Okay, I realize I am rather talentless, but I’m having a good time drawing.

Can you guess what I was drawing? The category was ‘There Be Pirates’. Does that help? The word was 5 letters long.

There are many very talented cartoonists on the internet – here are a few that I have discovered:

Aren’t these people good? They can draw clothes!

Since my last post about Drawing (A Drawing Game) I’ve earned enough ‘coins’ to buy colours – including green, which the Draw Something app doesn’t include when you first start playing.

Now I can draw grass. A green squiggly line is grass. A similar squiggly line, only in blue, is water. You can see from my drawing above that I’ve drawn water – and not just plain water, but waves. Can you see the shark in the water? I hope not because I didn’t draw one. I think it would be very hard to draw a stick shark…

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
John W. Gardner –

29 thoughts on “iPad Draw Something! There Be Pirates

  1. Argh, clearly your trussed matie is walking the plank. Your word is – plank. I think you are doing a great job. My three boys ,who are no longer boys, loved pirates, and we had a picture book that was great fun. It did, however, have one picture that mom (me) thought inappropriate. One of the pirates “mooned” the audience so I grabbed my trusty sharpie and gave him a nice pair of black pirate’s pantaloons. Of course, the book is remembered more for my censorship than its fun twenty years later.
    Margie, I agree with your list of top notch cartoonists. All three would be on my list, they convey so much with just a few very well placed lines.


    1. Wow, you are good at guessing! Yes, the word is plank.
      I see you are an artist. I expect your pirates pantaloons were well drawn. Do you have a blog?


  2. A good drawing is in the eye of the beholder, right? I actually used to be a pretty good artist. Nothing serious, but I was pretty good at pencil sketching. Then, like a lot of things, I just stopped doing it. Oh well, maybe some day I’ll get back at it… maybe when I stop blogging!


  3. I have the app Draw Free, which I think is the same thing, but I downloaded this one just in case someone is ahead of me in ‘geekiness’…can’t have that. And I love your drawing of the poor soul walking the plank..alas, in my family my older sister inherited the ‘artistic’ genes while I was left with only sarcasm and bad puns….sucks to be me.


    1. Yes, Draw Free is what I started with. Then I upgraded to the paid version.
      I didn’t get the artistic genes either, so it sucks to be me too.


  4. the first word that came to mind is ‘mutiny’, which has one letter too many of course. but the first comment above seems to have guessed it. although i have a niggling feeling that you may have another word in mind.
    in any case, thanks for sharing – and thank you for following my post. i am stoked! 🙂


  5. I downloaded Udraw yesterday on my Note and I spent hours drawing the most stupid things (not an artistic bone in my body). But I’m determined to draw something good one day (even something as good as your pirate!) 😉


    1. The shark swims very quickly. You were lucky to see it at all.
      I think The Car Guy has benefited the most from drawing – good exercise for his injured brain.


  6. Your poor little stick man is walking the plank! I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. Couldn’t draw to save my life. I noticed you had colour! Way to go!


  7. I can’t draw worth a darn – especially on a computer! I used to draw this sort of ‘bubble’ rabbit when my kids were small; they called it ‘Mom’s famous rabbit’. It was pretty lame but all I was capable of (give me a good old stick person any day). I CAN, however, draw/paint GIANT things (I painted whales on a fence once and I have a family of deer on the side of my shed); I guess I’m a ‘big picture artist’. So tell me, does your pirate actually go off the plank or does he get saved in the end? (I love happy endings.)


    1. I bought a stylus for drawing on the iPad, and that is much easier to use than my finger. I’m not sure I could draw something as big as you describe. I think I would lose track of where I was.
      Does my pirate actually go off the plank – very excellent question. I’ve never pictured him anywhere but on the plank, so I think he is stuck there for eternity.


    1. You are right L8n. That is one very excellent song. I particularly liked the lines:
      Well Winter is a comin’ and a chill is in the breeze,
      My pirate days are over once the river starts to freeze,
      But I’ll be back in Spring time but now I have to go,
      I hear there’s lots of plunderin’ down in New Mexico.


  8. I thought it was a guy who was pacing around on some kind of electric spaceship with a long extension cord, and the reason he’s pacing is because he’s worried he’ll eventually run out of cord.

    That’s how I’d draw that particular scenario, anyway. Then again, I’m just a hack… : (

    Excellent drawing, I was just sad to see that the Antelope Street Photographers are underwater. Guess a pipe musta burst in the Red House or something… : )


    1. Trust you to come up with an alternate description that sounds way better than mine! At least we agree, though, that the little guy is worried!


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