Canada Geese – Lofty View from the Trees

Many of the old Cottonwood and Poplar trees at the Cabin have been transformed into odd shapes – a result of the weakness of heavy old branches in big wind storms. In the spring, the Canada Geese in our area land on the ‘platforms’ that have formed in these trees. The geese carry on loud conversations, and compete for the attention of – the females, I suppose. I’ve only ever seen them do this in the spring.


These two trees are on our property. The wide angle capability of my new Canon PowerShot SX50 lets me take an all encompassing photo like this from a relatively close position. This past week-end six Canada Geese landed in the trees in our yard. Can you see two of them  in these trees?


Can you see them now that I’ve cropped the photo?


One tree branch was big enough for two geese. . .


Until one goose muscled the other off the branch.


This is a photo I took with the zoom lens of the SX50. It is hand held, and the photo has not been  cropped or enhanced. The original photo is a much higher resolution, of course.


Zooming in even closer, this photo has a focal length of 215 mm, which is the maximum for the lens. I could have zoomed in even closer, but then I would have been using a digital zoom, not an optical one (digital zoom is in-camera image processing; optical zoom is the image that the lens captures.)

To put this story into perspective, six 6kg (15 pound) birds took up positions in my back yard and started to squabble over landing rights. It was truly a memorable morning!

The Feather Files
Name: Canada Goose
Species:Branta canadensis
Native to and Migration: Resident to long-distance migrant. Canada Geese breed throughout North America, except in the high Arctic and in the extreme southern parts of the United States and Mexico.
Date Seen: May, 2013
Location: North of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

That reminds me, a saltwater crocodile, a great white shark and a Canada Goose walk into a bar….
– Author Unknown –

33 thoughts on “Canada Geese – Lofty View from the Trees

    1. I’ve only ever seen this activity at the cabin, but when I googled it, I found other photos on the internet. My geese are not unique!


  1. Great photos.

    I agree with vastlycurious. All the Canada geese in my back yard are far too lazy and too territorial (fighting over water privileges in the little pond in back) to go through the effort to launch themselves into trees. You must have the Energizer-bunny version of Canada geese.


  2. What a wonderful photographer you are! And yes, I want that camera, but I think the eye behind the camera is really what counts. Congratulations on some very exciting shots! 🙂


  3. I know geese can be kind of a nuisance, but I still think they are pretty cool birds. We see them flying around here a lot but not as much on the ground. When my son was About 3-4 yrs old, we were outside one day in the Fall. A large “triangle” of them flew over the property honking and making noise and he looked up and said “look Dad, chicken birds!”. I will never forget that!


    1. Kids really do come up with the most interesting observations. When my little grandson saw a grasshopper, he insisted they were ‘hopgrassers’!


  4. Wow Kiddo! I am so very impressed with your camera savvy. Your blog (or is it a web site?) looks Fantabulous!! I am mucho grande sorry this is my first visit in a long time.I promise to visit more often, after all I am missing a great deal of talent..
    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady


    1. Thanks Cathy. I see you are very busy with a great many projects – I can understand why you don’t have time to follow too many blogs!


      1. Margie,
        You now what they say, If you want something done ask a busy person!! Yep I am busy, but I don’t know how I would handle being non-productive. The hardest par to my day is when my grandkids get picked up. I am so tired I find myself wanting to nap but I can’t because I have too much to do. Oh well, at least I sleep through the aches and pains!!


  5. Now there’s something you don’t see every day! That one on the left looks exactly like the one that used to live in our back yard. I wondered where he got off to.


    1. Your goose says he’ll come back to your place if you promise you are eating turkey, not goose, for Christmas.


  6. Wow, Margie. Those photos are so sharp and clear I feel I can reach right out…and have one of those geese bite my fingers off.

    I hope Canon is giving you some kickback for all this great publicity!


  7. What cool trees!!– rheumatism can be beautiful!! I also dig the idea of nature sculpting “landing platforms.” The zoom sequence was fantastic– one more and we woulda been able to tell if that goose was wearing contacts… : P

    Great shots, Margie! Now– what’s the rest of that joke??


    1. Thanks Mark – I’m sure you would agree that there doesn’t need to be any more to that joke! However, I also found these jokes on the internet:
      “Do you know why the V formation of a flock of geese is sometimes longer on one side than the other?” Answer: “Because there are more geese on that side.”
      “What did the Canada Goose say to the Mallard?” Answer: “You quack me up!”

      There were a number of other jokes about Canada Geese, but they were quite rude.


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