Story of a Bunny Pattern

My mom was a knitter and a sewer. (In retrospect, Seamstress looks better than sewer. Sewer suddenly looks like a place of waste management). One of her earliest projects (after I was born) was a stuffed bunny that I called ‘Baboo’.

I don’t get it – how could I have ‘Come from a pattern’?

The pattern in this photo is the one she used over mpffmp years ago. The bunny in this photo is Baboo 2. Baboo 1 was a much more interesting creature.  The first time Baboo 1 was washed, one of his ears shrank much more than the other one did. For the rest of his life, his short ear stood up at attention, and his long ear flopped down over his eye.

When Baboo 1 was about 20 years old, I carefully unstuffed him and gave him a good bath in preparation for his introduction to my first child. Once he was dry, I popped him and his stuffing into a paper bag and set him on a shelf in my mom’s laundry room. When I went to retrieve Baboo 1, he was gone. Someone must have seen the old bag of grungy stuffing and threw it out, not realizing that Baboo 1 was in there too.

I made a new Baboo, but he was never right. I used felt for his eyes, but I should have embroidered them. His ears were both the same length, and even when I stitched one down so it would flop, it just wasn’t the same.

I’m glad I still have the pattern. I think I am old enough now to make Baboo again, only this time I will do all the right things wrong, and all the wrong things right. Baboo 3 will be as imperfectly perfect as Baboo 1!

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31 thoughts on “Story of a Bunny Pattern

  1. It’s dangerous putting things in bags. Invariably someone will come along and think its rubbish. We did something similar with all of my sons stuffed toys. Stored in the attic, thrown out when we moved house…


    1. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?! When each of our kids moved out, I made them take everything they owned with them. I did not want to be the grinch who threw out one of their very important belongings.


  2. Oh, I love this one, Margie! It brought back some memories of my sister’s Pooh bear (loved until his fur was nearly gone and his little body was practically flat, lost in a California wildfire that took her home) and my childhood favorite toy, Mr. Froganino (a plush frog that was left at a friend’s house and never found again). Pooh, I think, went to wherever good stuffed toys go when they die, but I have always suspected that Mr. Froganino took a cue from the Velveteen Rabbit and became Real.


    1. To be very honest, I don’t think Baboo had much life left in his skin either.
      Pooh went out in a rather tragic way and I’m sure you sister was devastated by the loss of him and all the other memories a home holds.
      Mr. Froganino – I can’t even imagine how he got the last part of his name!


  3. Your Baboo reminded me of a doll I had as a child that was made out of an old work sock. I still have it… stuffed in my cedar chest. I think I’m going to have to go get him out!


    1. Good idea, Cheryl. Life in a cedar chest may be aromatic, but very dark and lonely.
      I put the few remaining toys I have on a shelf in my sewing room – good memories whenever I go in there to ignore the ironing.


  4. What a cute picture! I love the story to go with it too. Reminds me of my beloveded doll when I was little. She even made the trip to China and sits on my bed now 😉 Just one of those comforts of home and fond memories that had to make the trip and be squeezed into a suitcase.
    She too like your Baboo had to be remade. After years of love and washing she was just worn out. She was never the same… not as soft and cudly – much stiffer. I loved her just the same as you can tell from the soft fur worn away.


  5. I do love this one Margie! Great post. And it reminds me of my granddaughter. She got Bunny One as an infant and lost it in mid-childhood. They got her another exact replica – Bunny Two. Then they found Bunny One again and guess what? She is 20 now and still sleeps with Bunny One. Bunny Two never made the grade.


  6. Margie Hi ya! I can not open this link! Just letting you know. Hope all goes well for you up there in the North country. Since we first started talking I have moved from Alabama to Texas and now am settling in quite nicely. Take care and keep in touch!

    Amanda J You must be the change you want to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi


    1. Hi Amanda – I think I have got those links corrected.
      Glad to hear you are settled in – hope Texas has a lot more rain this year!


  7. The same thing happened to me once when I wore a garbage bag to a Halloween party. I can’t believe how many people volunteered to take out the trash… : (

    Great, if somewhat tragic story: R.I.P. Baboo1.

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo-cartoon before– it’s brilliant! I do hope you’ll consider doing more of them. Great post, Margie! : )


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