In the Background – Window Reflection

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge asked us to consider photos of reflections.


I did my part by taking this reflection in a window photo (on May 25) – now, here is your Challenge:

  • Where am I in the photo?
  • Who won the hockey game? (NHL Playoffs)
  • What time of day was it?
  • What was the weather like?

18 thoughts on “In the Background – Window Reflection

  1. Wow! Fantastic photo! I think you’re outside taking the picture of the reflection of the rainbow on the window and the room inside is the background bonus. I’m thinking Detroit won. It was 9pm-ish. And the weather was cool and damp.


  2. Very cool – it looks like mountains in the background. Was this taken right before the person whose living room you were peeping into came out and hit you over the head with your own umbrella?


    1. The clouds do look like a snow capped mountain.
      Fortunately my umbrella is the Peg-Co Mary Poppins model – no one can catch me!


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