Signs from Around the World

I like signs. They are not just instructional – they are Word Art! Here are a few of the best that I have found in my travels.

Where to bank in Jordan if you don’t want to stop.


A pita eatery in Cranbrook, BC


The Police Station in Jerome, Arizona


Sign at a Washington State rest stop


 When the dog says, “I have people to do that.” Pleasant Harbour, Washington


A water truck in India –  It might be pure, clean fresh water, but you still can’t drink it.


How other bloggers responded to this WordPress photo challenge – Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

22 thoughts on “Signs from Around the World

  1. At one restaurant I once saw a sign: Free Children with every meal purchase. I thought it funny as sounded like they were giving children away!


    1. I like it when I find signage that springs from a deliberate sense of humour, rather than the accidental type that comes about as a result of translation problems.


          1. I find many signs now in English here in Shanghai – which is helpful, but can be funny. There are 2 or 3 small books of photos of JUST Chinglish examples… smart idea that I wish I thought of!


    1. I expect a sign like that resulted in more tapping rather than less – which is what they may have intended!


    1. I didn’t either. I guess that is why they generally use diagrams when they want to indicate where dogs shouldn’t poop.


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