Alberta Flooding – Cabin For Sale


  • one cabin in Hidden Valley. Completely renovated in 2005. Last seen on Antelope Street. Must be moved as lease will not be renewed.
  • Exterior amenities include one trampoline, numerous pieces of lawn furniture, fire pit, and several garden sheds – maybe.
  • Also possibly one hot tub, assuming the electrical cord that kept it tethered in the yard during the last flood does the same job this time.
  • Located off site are two golf carts, one gasoline and one electric. Last seen with several hundred or so similar vehicles near the Club House. Easy to identify – one is red and one is blue.
439-Deck cabin back
Back of our cabin after the flood

5 thoughts on “Alberta Flooding – Cabin For Sale

  1. my father inlaw and his wife have a cabin there, Frasier the lived along the river by the golf resort. sure was wondering if you had any pics of there place.


    1. Sorry Cynthia – at this point in time it is pretty hard to identify which cabin is which. Some cabins are still submerged, some you can only see a roof, some floated off down the river, and some have been relocated. (I think ours is now in the neighbours back yard.)
      There is aerial footage on CTV News and that is the best source for seeing what has happened.


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