Beery Best of Canada – Molson Canadian Beer Fridge (Video)

Happy Canada Day to Canadians everywhere!

Savage Chickens beer

The website ‘Beer Canada’ mentions these statistics about beer:

Canada has many competitive advantages in making world class beers: proximity to malt barley, large fresh water supply, educated workforce and more than 10 million local beer drinkers.


Per capita consumption of Canadian and imported beer was 63.34 litres per person based on total population. At the provincial level, consumption is highest in Newfoundland at 77.32 litres per person. Beer is Canada’s most popular adult beverage and the Canadian beer industry continues to hold an impressive environmental record. On average 99% of beer bottles were returned in 2015.

16 thoughts on “Beery Best of Canada – Molson Canadian Beer Fridge (Video)

    1. Thanks Notes – I can’t think of any other country I would sooner say I am a citizen of.
      I liked the part in the second video where the girl says, “It reminds me of home.” I’ve been to many of the places in that video, and I know what it would have meant to me to see a Canadian Fridge in a square in London – right there with the red British buses and the red British phone booths. How fun would that have been!


  1. I’ll join you in the well wishes to all Canadian on this out big day. Oh Canada! I love my home and native land. I don’t love the images the media portrays of us though. Many Canadians I know don’t like either beer or hockey despite the advertising hype. Tonight we rock at the best potluck and dance party ever.


    1. Have a wonderful time, timethief!
      We had great plans for the Canada Day week-end too, but they got kind of ‘washed out’ when our cabins were covered in flood water.


  2. Happy Canada Day to you too 🙂 I was happy to be here and celebrate at home this year. It was extra special since I got to be in a parade! Such fun… Soon as I sort the photos I will post about it later this week.


  3. We spent the Canada Day Weekend at our camp up in Northern Ontario. There’s nothing up there but wilderness… no hydro, no running water, nothing. It made me think of everything our forefathers had to endure to create our great country. I have a lot of American cousins and friends, but I have to say, I’m proud to be a Canadian. Happy Birthday Canada!


    1. Great observations, Cheryl!
      Your camp sounds so much like how we used to camp when we were kids. We’d plunk our tent down next to a stream with a swimming hole, and that was our holiday for the year!


        1. I saw the pictures. Looks wonderful!
          I really should open a blogger account just so I can post comments on your blog. It is a very painful process otherwise!


          1. Thanks Margie. I think you can post comments on blogger fairly easy if you’re signed into your gmail account? I don’t know for sure. Sometimes I wish I was on WordPress but I find posting the pictures on Blogger is a lot easier than WP.


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