Hail – Weapons of Mass Destruction

I wield the flail of the lashing hail,
And whiten the green plains under,
And then again I dissolve it in rain,
And laugh as I pass in thunder.
Percy Bysshe Shelley – ‘The Cloud’ –

The Weapons

The Targets – Front Yard

Back Yard

The Damage: Pink Peony

Yellow Iris

I’m getting rather paranoid whenever I see a rain cloud, what with the Cabin Flooding, and this rather horrendous hail storm that hammered my home and garden.

Now and then simple country raindrops are tempted by a dark cloud full of icy sirens to stay aloft for a while.

20 thoughts on “Hail – Weapons of Mass Destruction

    1. This was our first hail storm. A second one two days later was shorter but harder. It was as fascinating to watch as it was fearful.


  1. What’s next for you folks, locusts? I want to be around when you luck turns. It should be awesome. You can pick my lottery ticket number for me.


    1. Locust season? No, that comes after Tornado season, which coincides with hail season. We could eventually wind down into a drought, and then an early killing frost in August.
      I think you are on your own for the lottery tickets.


    1. We started our ‘summer at the cabin’ yesterday, except we don’t have a cabin, so the four grandchildren are here for the week. The rest of the family will come and go and we’ll try to recreate the magic of a place that is no more. Some sunshine would be greatly appreciated!


  2. At the moment we are blessed with beautiful sunshine, which makes a change as 2012 was the second wettest year on record. With the weather you have been having, Margie, I feel for you and hope that things clear up soon.


    1. I know how wet it can get in your part of the world, Mike. Glad to hear you are getting ‘our’ sunshine!


  3. Fabulous photos Margie! We’re having a heat wave here in Ontario. Usually when this happens, we end up getting a horrendous storm that throws stuff around and brings down trees. So far it hasn’t happened, but I keep holding my breath, waiting for it.


    1. Ontario must be a lot like Alberta – heat waves almost always generate storms. I hope you dodge the bullet this time!


  4. Margie just want you to know I came to your blog today with heavy heart and then I see you’ve suffered once again at the hand of nature. Life does go on outside my world and you are proof of that. I saw your beautiful flowers and it’s always so sad to lose those beautiful flower blossoms that we wait for all year take that kind of toll.
    I toured the resort yesterday and it’s real…..I know we have seen pictures and aerial views but the devastation is far beyond words. The loss is now settling in and even though I did not get to “see” our cottage I realize even through a miracle if it wasn’t hit as badly, Hidden Valley is gone.
    It hurts my heart to think my youngest grandson will never experience the chats around the fire pit or learning to golf first, in our yard and then onto the “big” course they call it. I have suffered loss but this is loss of so much.
    Thank you for being there for me through your blog I love it. I’m sure in the days and months ahead you will reinstate my faith that life continues to a good place.


    1. Hi Brenda. I’m sorry I never met you when we lived in the same community! I would imagine we waved at one another on more than one occasion though!
      We had two family members on that tour, so while I wasn’t there in person, I heard their stories and saw their photos. I haven’t seen our cabin, but I’ve mentally prepared for the fact that it looks like one of the destroyed ones, not one of the ones that actually looks pretty good.
      This past year hasn’t been a particularly good one for me, but I think that there are defining moments in life when you either figure out how to swim, or you just keep sinking. I feel like I’m swimming, and if my blog can throw a lifeline to others, then we’ll all reach the shore.


  5. I am so sorry to see your flowers! We wait all winter to be able to get out and garden and then Mother Nature wipes out our hard work! So far this summer we haven’t had any serious storms where we are. Hope it stays that way! Ev


    1. I hope so too, Ev! We’re going to need the benevolent nature or our northern neighbours when we start sucking those disaster aid dollars into the south!


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