Rubber Boot Puppies

Recycle old rubber boots by making them into these adorable puppies!

Rubber boot puppies or dogs

How cool would it be to have a few of these in your yard! Here are my thoughts on how to do this!


I haven’t been able to find any instructions on the internet for how to make these puppies, but this is what I surmise from the photo:
– you need 7 boots – 4 are used for the legs, one for the back and tail, one for the lower jaw and neck, and one for the upper jar/head and ears.
– you would use a pair of heavy cutting shears to split the legs of the boots as needed.
– maybe you would use a bolt to hold the upper jaw to the lower one.
– perhaps you would fill the legs with sand to keep them from falling over.

What a happy way to remember the not so happy activity of slogging through the mud in our flooded cabins!

24 thoughts on “Rubber Boot Puppies

  1. Hey, M. I will be getting a REAL puppy after the flood! We had been thinking about one for the last 2 years and the flood was the impetus to make the decision. We were thinking of the name, “Flood” , but then decided on Simba- he is a cockapoo and almost 5 weeks old.


    1. Congratulations Joan! Depending on the dog’s colour, you could have called him ‘Mud’!
      This flood has been a game changer for me too – I’m going to buy a new washing machine!


  2. Really wonderful idea! i will keep my eyes open now ! I hit lots of Flea Markets


  3. These “puppies” are just so neat–a testament to the creativity and spirit of people who won’t be defined by the obstacles that present themselves to them. Wonderful!


    1. I haven’t seen Patty’s turkeys, and Al’s blog doesn’t have a search button. I’ll just have to look through his categories to find them.


    1. The first time I was reblogged, it was by a blog that did nothing else but reblog. My reblogged post was a photo of my family, and about 40 words – so the entire post was reblogged. It felt like something had been stolen from me. It kind of turned me off reblogging.


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