Lady’s Slipper Orchid Mimics the Old Masters

There is a small patch of Lady’s Slipper Orchids in the ditch near our place. It really is a miracle that this small group of delicate flowers continues to live where they do. Browsing deer and the county mowing program reduce the chances that the flowers will multiply by seed.

Here are the photos I took of them, but I’ve described them as a painter would!

The Mona Orchid by Margio da Antelope Street

Margio used an inverted pyramid design to place the flower simply and calmly in the space of the photograph.

The enigmatic and slightly open mouth expression, common to the entire Orchid family, is a genetic adaptation that allows Mona to call out to her family, “Heads down! The county mowing machine is heading our way!”

Mona and her family really should move further from the edge of the road…


Someone’s Mother by Margie (a Whistling Bird is nearby)

Margie achieves tonal composition and harmony in a simple pose of quiet contemplation.

You find a lot of junk when you’re searching through lost and tossed photo ephemera, but every so often you’ll find a gem, a wallet-sized masterpiece you’re certain could hang on the wall of a gallery if only someone with a name had taken it. Find one or two of those and you’re hooked for life.
– Ransom Riggs –

12 thoughts on “Lady’s Slipper Orchid Mimics the Old Masters

  1. I hope your fancy new Italian artist name brings you much fame and fortune! You may be on to something! 🙂 Oh… and beautiful photo too!


    1. Thank heavens someone got my references to famous artists! Some days, I swear that people just take a quick glance at the photos and miss everything else.


  2. I think that nearby whistling bird was whistling in appreciation of your photos. I know I was… : )


    1. Thanks! That reminds me – I should go out to the ditch and see if the Orchid family is still there…


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