In Hidden Valley – A Remembrance Poem

In Hidden Valley the sunflowers grew
Between the poplars, fresh with dew.
They marked our divots; and in the sky
The crows, still cawing as they fly,
Break the calm that lies below.

We are the scattered. Short days ago
We laughed, played late, watched bonfires glow.
Then the river rose and now our homes lie
Silent in Hidden Valley.


Dedicated to the 305 Hidden Valley families who lost their homes in the flood of 2013. For further information about this disaster, go to the website Hidden Valley, Alberta.

Inspired by the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by the Canadian WWI soldier, John McCrae

15 thoughts on “In Hidden Valley – A Remembrance Poem

  1. I don’t know what to say …now that there is massive tragic death and devastation in Philippines with their typhoon.

    Hug your loved ones.


  2. There is a gentleness to this poem–maybe the calm after the storm? May all who suffered rest in peace.


    1. Thanks Lorna. I hope all the people in Hidden Valley find a new Happy Place. I’ve found mine, for now, in a mountain valley in the sunny southern USA.


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