Oil Field Dodge and Stalking John Dillinger – 1920’s Dodge Brothers (Video)

The Oil Field Dodge was the star of a Dodge Brothers promotional film that was apparently filmed in Texas in the 1920’s. (The piano music in this video is “New Walk” by Dave Hartley, released 2006.)

The vehicle used in this video would probably have been produced after March of 1919 (when a four­ door enclosed sedan was introduced into the Dodge line) and before the 1924 model year when the wheelbase was extended to 116 inches, louvers were placed on the hood, and the entire car was given a lower appearance.

Oil Field Dodge
1919 Dodge
1924 Dodge
1927 Dodge

The Dodge Brothers (John and Horace) began building motor cars in 1910. Initially they manufactured and assembled Model T’s for the Ford Motor Company. In 1913 they began designing their own car, and on November 14, 1914 the first Dodge Brothers vehicle rolled off the assembly line. In just three years Dodge became the fourth largest American automobile manufacturer. By 1919, the company was producing about 106,000 vehicles per year and in 1925 they sold their one millionth car.

The Dodge Brothers both died in 1920. In 1925 the Dodge heirs sold the firm to New York investment bankers Dillon, Read & Company for $146 million. Dillon then sold it to Walter P. Chrysler in 1928 for $170 million.

DH 4 Door Sedan movie ‘Public Enemies’
1931 Dodge

This 1931 Dodge 4 door sedan was owned by Hurley County, Wisconsin, Sheriff Frank J. Erspamer. The original purchase price of the car was $950. In 1934, the Sheriff supposedly accompanied the FBI to the Little Bohemia Lodge where the outlaw John Dillinger was.

The car sold at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona for $19,250.

Last, but certainly not least, is The Car Guy’s Dodge Dakota:

While it probably could not navigate the mud like the Oil Field Dodge, and it certainly isn’t used to hunt down famous criminals, last month it started (without being plugged in) when the temperature was -30C (-22F).

I’ll be glad to reply to or dodge your questions, depending on what I think will help our election most.
– George H. W. Bush –

If you can’t Dodge it, Ram it.
– Author Unknown –

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    1. Yes, I guess we have come a long way – but nostalgia often makes me want to go back and live in the past.


    1. Either your mom and dad shared too much information with you, or you have a remarkable memory, Al!


    1. The video has been posted all over the web, but the source of the music was a lot harder to track down.


  1. Aw, man!– great photos, great cars! I always wanted a car with a running board. Nowadays, of course, I’m happy with a car that just runs… : )

    Dillinger and The Car Guy in the same post. Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Glad to see there aren’t any bullet holes in the CG’s truck. At least, not yet. : )


    1. The running boards were so much a part of the design of the car then. Now they are often an aftermarket item!


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