Finding Sea Glass at British Columbia Beaches

Brown and White Sea Glass – I found these tumbled and weathered pieces of glass on beaches in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada. They were originally brown and white bottles that were discarded twenty or so years ago. Green glass is also fairly common.

Other colours of glass are not that easy to find, but if you have a rock tumbler, you can make your own weathered looking glass: Making Tumbled Glass.

If you would like to learn more about sea glass, click on this link: Sea Glass Journal.


This weeks WordPress Challenge is Weathered.

31 thoughts on “Finding Sea Glass at British Columbia Beaches

    1. I always enjoy your photos, Ruth. I haven’t done very many challenges recently, but this one was easy. I had just taken an appropriate photo a few days ago – for a different reason, of course.


  1. I am entranced with sea glass. I was always at the beach in my growing up years but never found any sea glass. In fact, never heard of it. Now I love it but live far from the beach.


    1. Looking for sea glass is one of our families activities when we all convene at the coast each summer. We have a rock tumbler, though, so I think we’ll try making some.


    1. Those would be special memories! I hope my grandchildren remember our sea glass hunts with the same fondness that I do.


    1. It seems like the harder you look for sea glass, the harder it is to find!
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to your response to future photo challenges.


  2. Great photo for the challenge. I like it very much. I think sea glass is lovely. I wonder how many years it must’ve taken to get it to the unpolished natural stone stage.


    1. I’ve read that many factors determine how sea glass turns out. Apparently it can take 20 years or more to get that look we all like.


    1. Apparently sea glass that is tumbled about in fresh water is called Beach Glass. I guess even your creek has enough ‘action’ to wear down glass.


    1. I loved your foodie photos. My sister-in-law makes jewelry out of tumbled stone, but I have a few pieces of sea glass I think she would enjoy making into something… for me!


  3. I love sea glass and used to find a lot of it as a kid on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. It was mostly the green glass—probably old Coca-Cola bottles. Now we have a car that color, go figure…


        1. I looked at the Toyota Canada website, and they have a colour called Blizzard, but not Sea Glass. I’ll watch for that colour the next time I am in the States. Maybe it is an American colour!


    1. Welcome to my blog, and glad you found something new. I’ve referred your blog to one of my family members who is on a years travel adventure with two teenagers in tow!

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