Sunflowers Face a Snow Storm

The first snow of the season is more than mildly inconvenient. It is often accompanied by below freezing temperatures, and that brings an end to the growing season of the tender plants. After that, the weather generally goes back to normal, and we get weeks of beautiful fall weather.


Still recovering from the beating they took from the hail, my intrepid sunflower plants have not even started to bloom.

Last year, the sunflowers in my yard looked like this!

43 thoughts on “Sunflowers Face a Snow Storm

    1. We had a beautiful week-end too – calm, sunny and not too hot! Hard to believe that 24 hours later the snow is coming down!
      Glad you like the photos – even snow has a good side.


    1. Yes, this is very early to have a really heavy first snow. It has caused lots of tree damage because the leaves had not fallen yet and the snow was very wet.


    1. I live in southern Alberta near the Rocky Mountains – the land where it can even snow a bit during the summer months of July and August, though that would be really abnormal.


      1. I really loved the juxtaposition of temperature when I saw it as it was 89 degrees and humid here. Isn’t our world a lovely place !!??


    1. Our snow event is here in Alberta. The forecast is for a return to nice warm sunny weather next week, though. That means I won’t have to do any shovelling – the sun will remove the snow for me!


  1. It a shame about your weather. First hail and now an early snow it’s very disheartening.
    My positive thoughts are with you all that your weather will warm up again and you’ll get a few more weeks of summer.


    1. Thanks E.C. It has been a bit disheartening, though it will make it very easy to harvest the garden after the snow leaves. The only survivors will be a few stunted carrots.


  2. I’m always thrilled to get the weather report from you. You’re the trumpeting herald for the changing seasons. Strangely though, I had a cousin in Illinois who sent me pictures (last week) of the snow they were having. What’s happening?


    1. I’m glad I can be the bearer of such interesting news! Snow in Illinois too!
      Some would say it is all because of Global Climate Change, but this isn’t the first time in my life that we’ve had snow this early and this heavy! Why, back in… well, I don’t want to date myself.


  3. Wow! That is magic! I can’t believe you’ve already had snow. We’ve had a beautiful summer that is gently gliding to a gorgeous fall. Probably shouldn’t say that, though to someone who has had a hard frost already… 😐


    1. Thanks JSD. Sunflowers are just so magnificant – I plant them every summer, hoping that at least a few of them will manage to flower!


    1. No, that was the end of the sunflowers – but I’ll try again next year. Hopefully you won’t get an early snow in your beautiful garden.


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