Snow in September – Responding to Adversity

Snow in September – once the shock and sadness wore off, I  took my camera outside to see if there was an upside to this! There is also an Adversity Story to tell.

You’d like to eat on the patio? How about this nice table for four. So peaceful and quiet you can hear a pin drop. No mosquitoes.  No chance you will get a sunburn.

You think it is a bit, well, white out?

Here – some greenery… and pinkery too.

I got a phone call from a friend today. She wanted The Car Guy’s advice about how to deal with a dangerous snow laden tree branch that was hanging over her power line.

She had phoned her hubby first (he’s out of town) and told him she wanted to knock some snow off the branch with a broom or something, and maybe even remove the branch, but she didn’t want to become an electrocution statistic.

Her husband’s response to her story was not very helpful – that is why she called the The Car Guy. The Car Guy gave her a list of actions she could take, and asked her to phone him back later so he knew she had survived the procedure.

He also offered to do the job for her. But my friend is a ‘do it myself’ person, so she proceeded to turn off the power at the pole, knock a bunch of snow off the tree branches, remove the most offensive branch and get the power turned back on.

But that was the easy part. She also had to spray WD40 on the lock on the box that housed the power switch; then use bolt cutters to cut off the lock because it still wouldn’t work; employ miscellaneous tools to straighten the thingamagig that got twisted when she cut off the lock; and clean up the pot of dirt that got smashed on the floor when she was rummaging through the garage trying to find one of the six or seven tools she needed to get the job done.

When she finally phoned us to confirm the task was successfully completed, she said, “If I had a blog, this would sure be one of the stories I would tell!”  I smiled, and thought that she would probably have to edit out a few expletives before her grandchildren could read her “Overcoming Adversity” story.

At the end of my adversity story about Hail, I said “Do you ever ask yourself why you live where you do? What roots keep you tethered to a place that seems so determined to make you want to leave it!?”

One answer is – family and friends keep us here. But it is also the adversity that makes us stay.  Each time we face another weather challenge, and we are wildly or moderately or slightly successful at coping, we are re-energized.

By trying, we can easily learn to endure adversity.
Another man’s, I mean.
– Mark Twain –

The flower I captured is a Hollyhock. I take good care of my hollyhocks, yet they struggle to survive and usually flower just before the first snow takes them out of the game. My ‘do it myself’ friend was the source for these hollyhocks. She ignores hers, and they grow like weeds at her place. I guess Hollyhocks thrive on adversity too.

32 thoughts on “Snow in September – Responding to Adversity

  1. Wow! Now that friend of yours is most impressive! I’m not even sure I’d know what a bolt cutter was let alone how you use them! Love your pix and love how you wrapped up this little tale. I think you’re absolutely right….adversity makes us more rooted in a place because once you’ve fought the battle, there’s always going to be a piece of you there.


  2. I think de-icer is better than WD40 for that job. That’s a lot of snow! We are having temps in the high 80’s low 90’s this week here in Oregon!


    1. I hope I’ll be able to use our patio table again this fall!
      Yes, my friend is one determined gal. I have a neighbour like that too – she repaired her lawnmower engine by reading how to do it in a library book.


  3. I love this post! It reminds me to keep on trying to turn liabilities into assets. Your friend is a strong and independent survivor. I love your hollyhock marble too. 🙂


    1. Thanks Dor. I know that part of the reason my friend is so independent is because her husband travels a lot. That certainly is a liability that she has made into an asset!


  4. I have such admiration for your friend. After overcoming weather adversity once or twice in a short period at time, I no longer feel re-energized. I want to kick Mother Nature’s butt. LOL! You have an educational as well as an entertaining blog. 🙂

    We've had some chilly weather here in southern Ontario. No snow yet. But I know it's coming…


  5. I hate hassles, but there’s no doubt about it: there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction one feels after overcoming adversity and solving a problem– and yes, one usually gets a “good story” or three out of the situation!! Great post, got a big kick out of the Twain quote, too. : )


  6. I can’t believe you already have snow, Margie. I was just complaining because it’s going down in the 40s at night already. Not only do you handle adversity in style, you make it look so pretty.


    1. Grass is actually quite hardy stuff, isn’t it! Ours is still green too, even though it is tinged with frost most mornings now.


  7. I am no gardener but I am in awe at the determination of Nature. Despite all our best or worst efforts to defeat, ignore or neglect it just goes on regardless! I love your story, real allegories and I haven’t used that word for a long time!


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