Distractions – Three Hours Later I Found the Twist Ties

I just needed some long twist ties. I wanted to tidy up the cords that let the computer talk to the scanner. I thought I had seen the kind I wanted in The Car Guys’s office, so I went there and looked in the desk drawers. No twist ties, but I did find some circle drawing templates that would be happier if they lived nearer to my drawing desk. I needed a box to store the templates in, so I went downstairs to the box cupboard, and found the perfect container. Then I restacked the remaining boxes so that they would fit back into the cupboard.

After boxing up the drawing supplies, I continued the search for twist ties. There were 6 possible drawers in The Car Guy’s office where they could be. As I searched, I also spent some time resorting. Apparently there had been a bit of ‘dump and run’ going on.

One of the drawers contained The Car Guy’s pen collection, which reminded me that I had a box of pens in my multi purpose room that could be amalgamated with his pens. When I retrieved those pens, I also found my pen refills! I need a refill for my favourite Papermate Pen, but unfortunately the refills I have do not fit any pens I have.

I continued to search all the drawers in my room for twist ties. There had been some ‘dump and run’ happening there too, so I did some resorting. This resulted in many reassignments, primarily involving glue, rulers and scissors – which we have far more of than I had realized.

Still no twist ties, though. A general tidy up of my multi purpose room was now in full swing, and I found my stash of sewing machine needles and some feathers I want to use on a particular project.

I also found a few things that belong in the catch all drawer in the kitchen – which is where I found the long twist ties

And that is the story of why it took me three hours to tie up these cords…

I’m sure you have all had a similar experience – do share it with me!


  1. Ah yes……I gave up making any sort of plan anymore….it’s quite evident I’m only here to follow all the sidetracks that could possibly arise out of a situation……


  2. Every time I decide to sort a drawer or a closet, it ends up being a multi-hour affair of moving ‘this and that’ to other places, picking up things from ‘here and there’ and relocating them, then shuffling ‘odds and ends’ to various other locations. In the end, I’ve often lost track of the task I originally set out to do – which is why I try to avoid these sorts of chores in the first place 🙂 (And even though his desk, dresser drawers, and many, many garage shelves make my fingers itch to organize them, I avoid my ‘car guy’s’ spaces because that would take way more than a few hours to put to rights!!!!)


    • Yes, they are the owl feathers I’ve collected off the ground. I’ll use them on the totem gourd project if they are not too big. Or maybe I’ll take the gourd mask class and use them on that.


  3. Oh you have no idea how often this has been my life. My dad always told me I had a one track mind. And I have always tried to finish something before going on to something else because in doing so I would (often) never get back to the first. But in addition to getting sidetracked for hours, I also have no concept of elapsed time. Combine that with extreme power of concentration I can lose hours working only to realize later that I promised someone I’d help them in “5 minutes”. Fortunately most of my family learned that 5 minutes could be 4 hours — not so much my co-workers!

    Now we are full time RV’ers and we traded coaches about a year ago. In the first coach everything seemed to instantly find a place to live. In the new one everything still wants to live where it did in the first coach — and some of those places don’t exist. For a year now I have been going to get something, realizing it was temporarily stored in a not-so-good place and a couple hours later after trying to reorganize an entire cabinet I got back to doing what I had wanted to do before trying to find a better place for that item to live. Sigh. We live a Life Unscripted. 🙂


    • I think living in an RV must be quite a challenge after living in a house! My sister-in-law and her husband spend 3 or 4 months a year in a 5th wheel, and she seems to always be looking for something she has misplaced!


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