Stacked Wood Christmas Tree

We saw Stacked Wood Christmas Trees at The Cross Roads Collective in Invermere, British Columbia. The Car Guy said, “We could make one of those, you know”, and I thought, “Sure we could, but will we?”

Many months later, we made our first trees. This is a project, though, that actually took many years to come together. This is why, and here are the instructions:

1. I married a man who keeps everything.

2. We bought a cabin with copper pipe plumbing that ran under the open underbelly of the cabin. The pipes sometimes froze and split if we had hard frosts after we turned the water on for the season. The Car Guy changed out the pipes for flexible plastic tubing that didn’t burst as easily. He brought the copper pipes home, because he might need them some day.

4. The Red House needed a new deck. The Car Guy built one, and salvaged any good wood, because he might need it some day.

5. A heavy snowfall broke many branches off the trees around The Red House. The Car Guy and I piled all the wood up in various locations on our property – because we might need it some day.

Salvaged deck lumber

6. Some day eventually arrived.  The Car Guy used the salvaged deck lumber to build the X shaped bases for the Stacked Wood Christmas Trees.

Salvaged copper pipe

7. He cut 4 feet (1.2 meters) off one of the 3/4 inch (1.9 centimeter) pieces of copper tubing.  Then he drilled a hole in the center of his X-shaped base, and stuck one end of the copper tubing into the hole.

Drilled hole

8. Then The Car Guy taught me how to use the electric chop saw. I went to work cutting the long broken branches from the trees into shorter pieces. (The longest was 3.5 feet (1.1 meters).) When I had them cut up into the right lengths, The Car Guy drilled a hole in the middle of each branch with his drill press. (The Car Guy has an excellent selection of tools that he buys because he might need them some day.)

Stacking branches onto the pipe

9. I laid out the branches in the order I wanted to stack them, then ‘threaded’ them onto the copper pipe.

Stacked wood Christmas Tree

Ta Da! The completed Stacked Wood Christmas Tree.

I also made a star for the top. I cut 5 pieces of branch, equal lengths and laid them out in a 5 pointed star shape.  The Car Guy used his air gun nailer to tack them together, then we nailed it to the top  branch.

Measure twice and cut once – there’s no board stretcher in the tool kit.
– Author Unknown –

The words ‘Hoarded Ordinaries’ came to mind when I watched The Car Guy drag this and that out from here and there until he finally had all the components to make these trees.

What sort of things do you or your spouse ‘hoard’ and what unanticipated use did you finally make from the stash?

15 thoughts on “Stacked Wood Christmas Tree

  1. What a neat project! It made me smile a lot as your “car guy” and mine have a lot in common Mine also saves things in case he needs them. I gave up fussing about the “junk” saved when he was able to go to his pile and find the parts to fix the clothes dryer when it broke down back in the “old days” when stores weren’t open on a Sunday. I was working and needed to get the laundry done. Now, I may roll my eyes but I keep my mouth shut when I see him adding to his stash!


    1. Truth be told, I have my own stash of stuff too, mostly craft supplies for projects I probably will never ever get done!


  2. The creativity of some people astounds me! Very good use of materials and great way to deal with a hoarder!


    1. Yes, I was really impressed with the unknown woodworker who thought these trees up! Our property has about 3 acres of woods with lots of dead fall – I don’t think we will ever run out of material.

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    1. Wait until you see the next couple of projects I have on the go. Now that I have overcome my fear of using a chop saw, the sky is the limit!

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      1. Me and power tools are not a good combo. I’m telling my guy about your fun projects, make no mistake!


  3. This is fantastic. I’m a bit of a hoarder and reading this post lets me know it’s all worth it! Great job 😀


  4. This is such a lovely idea. 🙂 Your first paragraph resonated with me – so many times I think ‘ooh, I could make …. it would be easy’, but more often than not I don’t ever get round to doing it!


    1. I know what you mean. It’s like that sign I sometimes see at craft sales – “Sure your husband can make this, but will he?”


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