Grand Canyon – Half and Half Vistas

Many of my photos of the Grand Canyon attempt to show the immense size and depth of this geological wonder.  The photos below, however, capture the half and half balance between rock and sky, or rock and trees. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about this aspect of composition when I took the photos. The WordPress Half and Half photo challenge made me go looking for photos, and this is what I found:

place tower clouds Grand CanyonDesert View Watchtower on the south rim of the Grand Canyon – this really is a half and half photo, isn’t it! Did you know that a woman, architect Mary Colter, designed this building? It was completed in 1932.

place tower clouds Grand CanyonDesert View Watchtower – really more of a thirds photo with sky, rock and trees.

place trees Grand CanyonSouth rim of the Grand Canyon – the foreground is one half, and the background is the other.

place trees Grand CanyonSouth rim of the Grand Canyon – a diagonal half and half split.

When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income.
– Chi Chi Rodriguez –

When you hear the expression half and half, what do you think of?
For more photos that interpret this WordPress Photo Challenge, see Half and Half

24 thoughts on “Grand Canyon – Half and Half Vistas

  1. I love these photos more than any I’ve ever seen of the GC! I love that you captured such colours and different perspectives and I’ve never seen any of that Tower at all. Awesome!


    1. I have to admit that I had to concentrate on foregrounds the day we were at the Canyon because it was too hazy to get good photos of the Canyon itself!

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    1. When you do go, try NOT to be there during peak tourist season! The Grand Canyon is much grander when the viewpoints are not populated by people who are chattering away taking selfies.


  2. Love your half and halt shot of the tower more than your shots of the Grand Canyon. I have to see that tower! (I’ve seen the canyon 3 or 4 times and even camped out there once).


    1. The Desert View Watchtower is on the eastern end – the last stop before leaving the big vistas of the Grand Canyon National Park. I expect some visitors might not realize it is there!


  3. You’ve done a great job of capturing the beauty and mystique of that grand old canyon. Your photos are perfect for the challenge. 🙂


    1. Thanks E.C.! Sidebar – I see from your blog that we both use Canon cameras. I have the Canon SX50 HS with the 50X IS Zoom lens; and a very old EOS 20 D with 60mm macro lens for bugs and flowers…

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    1. The USA is a huge country – I imagine there are many Americans who have never seen some of the really big destinations!


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