Cautionary Tales – Falling off the Roof and Securing a Pumpkin

We had two ‘Be Careful!’ events at the Red House this week. The first was when The Car Guy went up on the roof to check the chimneys and see if the gutters needed cleaning. I was truly torn as to whether I would go up there too. I’m okay going up the ladder. The transition from ladder to roof is a bit scary. I’m okay walking around the roof, as long as I stay at the peak. The transition from roof to ladder… that is the really hard part.

But, I did it, and really enjoyed looking at the yard below.

The second ‘Be Careful’ event was the transportation of the Pumpkins. They had to get from our house to the Family Pumpkin Carving Party, a trip of half an hour. I’d already given the pumpkins a lobotomy and didn’t want them rolling around the back of the JEEP. I also didn’t want them to turn into projectiles if we had to stop suddenly!

The Car Guy decided this was the best way to carefully secure pumpkin noggins for the trip.

I’ll love you til the end of vine.
– Source: PumpkinNook –

There are three things that I’ve learned never discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.
– Linus, ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ –

chicken day after HalloweenSome of the stores already have Christmas product on their shelves! This reminded me that when we took apart our Christmas tree last year, it never quite made it back into the storage closet. I wanted to clean up that area, but the tree was in the way. What to do – put it away, or just put it back up in the Living Room… can you guess what I did?!

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was Careful

14 thoughts on “Cautionary Tales – Falling off the Roof and Securing a Pumpkin

    1. Yes, two hands… but with my back up against the tall brick chimney and feet planted firmly either side of the ridge…
      Truth be told, the roof pitch isn’t horribly steep – the danger was mostly from an overactive imagination.

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    1. I’d go up on the roof more often if we had a longer ladder – that would make the climb back down less spooky…


  1. Reminds me of the time Brad got me onto the roof in North Haven “to see the view if we put a second floor master suite”: and then he could not get me to transition back onto the ladder. When the youngest said “I know what to do!” and ran into the house, I was afraid he was going to call the Fire Department! Instead, he brought me rope…?


    1. Knowing how you felt when we didn’t have a railing along our staircase, I am surprised you ever went up on your roof!


  2. That transition is totally why we only have Christmas lites on the main floor level. Waiting for someone in the neighborhood to buy one of those lift things.


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