Transition – Beep Beep Boop is Gone?

The dawn of a new day. If there are clouds, then a sunrise can be a remarkably beautiful transition from dark to light.

orange pink clouds Alberta

Perhaps our blogging hosts,, were thinking of dawn when they recently unveiled the New High Speed Editor. I certainly thought they had made a few improvements since they first introduced the ‘New Editor’. It loads so fast that the ever so unpopular, wait while I’m working, ‘Beep Boop Boop’ screen is gone!

Another plus – images can be dragged and dropped from your desktop right into your post. Unfortunately, the new editor is still in transition – the search feature for creating links to my old posts is missing.

How long will it take before this transitional editor is finished? Or will it ever be? Will we still have access to the good old editor that many or us prefer, or will it eventually disappear?

It is like asking, ‘Will there be a beautiful sunrise tomorrow morning’. No one really knows.

Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new beginning.
– Teresa Tsalaky, The Transition Witness –

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is: Transition.

23 thoughts on “Transition – Beep Beep Boop is Gone?

    1. Yes, drag and drop! And, when you access your Media Library from the new editor, there is a slider so that you can change the size of the thumbnails in the Library!

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    1. Thank you very much. This photo was supposed to go into another post, but I couldn’t find the words to write that post. But I found some words for this post, but I didn’t have a photo… The rest is history, as they say.

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      1. Right Oh!
        To be truthful though, Margie, I always revert to the “classic” layout. I hardly ever used the beep beep bop format. Sometimes I click the wrong place and get stuck in the new version — but usually I save what I’m doing and then pull down on my saved bookmark and go back to the classic.
        For a while I kept Publishing entries that I wanted to save as Drafts and that got me really ticked off. So I got obstinate and reverted to the old standby.


        1. I use the old editor exclusively too. But if they get all the features I want on the new editor, I might switch because access to the media library from the new editor seems faster and better.

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          1. I worked on one article this morning using the new. It is slicker than the prior iterations. I withhold judgement on this one. But I do wish they would let you know when things are changing instead of just making the change. Going to a ‘familiar’ website and finding everything different is annoying.


  1. Unfortunately, WordPress is constantly ‘tweaking’ things to try and make them better; sometimes they score (like drag and drop photos) and sometimes they don’t (like ‘losing’ features you depend on). That’s the downside of any free software – we’re all guinea pigs!


    1. For many of us, WordPress isn’t actually free. We pay for certain upgrades – and of course, most of us pay our way because our blogs host WordPress ads!


  2. Like several others commented, I also use the classic editing version unless I’m writing on my iPad. But then I live in fear that a rough draft will accidentally be ‘published’ and the world will find out how terrible a writer I truly am! I do like the sound of the drag and drop, though, so will give it another try.
    Love your photo in this post!


    1. The new editor regularly autosaves, so as long as you don’t push the publish button you should be safe!
      I accidentally published a post once that was just a test. It contained virtually nothing. It generated the most comments I had got in a long time! Go figure!

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  3. I haven’t been brave enough to try the new version. I’ve looked at it though. Can’t figure out how you can just drag a picture into a post. Can you help?


    1. Easy Peasy Al! It is actually the same as dragging and dropping was before, except you don’t have to click the ‘Add Media’ button first. You drop the photos right into the post.


  4. Aww, come on, you know the editor will always be “in transition.” But I like your optimism. Meantime, being a cranky old woman resistent to change, I’m sticking with the classic editor. Fabulous Tsalaky quote, by the way. I must remember it.


    1. I figure the new editor will eventually end up being just like the old editor, except the sidebar will be on the left instead of the right… and the colours will be different…


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