Time and My Clock Walls – So Late So Soon

The QuipperyHow time has changed!  When I was young, a clock had hands and you learned how to ‘tell time’. We had only a few clocks in our house. One was in the kitchen, and I suppose there was an alarm clock for my parental units (but I don’t remember ever hearing it ring.) I didn’t really pay attention to what time is was. Grown-ups did that for me. I just did what they told me to do when they told me to do it – mostly. If no one was telling me where to be or what to do, I let the sun and a rumble in my stomach guide me.

Today we are surrounded by clocks. They reside in every conceivable appliance. This has a cost though – a microwave oven can consume more electricity powering its digital clock than it does heating food! Of course, most wall clocks are battery powered – but  how much do you spend on batteries in a year?

How many clocks do you have to reset when Daylight Saving’s Time rolls around? The Car Guy says we have more than 20 clocks at The Red House! I’ve been making it easier for him to find many of those clocks. I’ve gathered them up and put them onto “Clock Walls”. The only downside to this is that Segal’s Law comes into play – Margy with one clock thinks she knows what time it is. Margy with two clocks is not quite sure.

There are fast clocks, there are slow clocks, there is one clock that is broken and it is only right twice a day…

This wall of clocks is ‘Memories Time’ – one clock is a gift from a daughter, one that The Car Guy’s dad made, one from the Middle East, one we saved from the flood at the cabin, one from a good friend, and one that a craftsman made from a slab of wood.

This week, the WordPress Photo Challenge is Time.

18 thoughts on “Time and My Clock Walls – So Late So Soon

  1. Love the clock displays! Must make the DST change a lot easier. I don’t know how many clocks there are around here, but I never manage to get them all reset in one go around. Sometimes I overlook one for days, if not weeks.


    1. To be honest, The Car Guy only changes the most visible clocks. He ignores the majority of them on the theory that they will be close to right for about half the year…


  2. The one place they don’t seem to have clocks anymore is in malls and grocery stores. Since retiring, I hardly ever wear a watch (since I lived by one for too many years as a teacher). I hate having to resort to digging out my (hardly-ever-turned-on, old fashioned flip style) cell phone just to find out what time it is. I suppose the ‘assumption’ is that ‘everyone’ has an always-on phone (that they’re always ‘on’) so they always know what time it is (and I have noticed that very few of the ‘younger generation’ wear watches anymore). I bet they don’t even teach ‘how to tell time’ in school anymore (or, if they do, its all digital!)


    1. I suppose learning how to tell time will disappear with the need to learn handwriting!
      I’ve gone the opposite way from you – I never wore a watch until this past year when I got a Fitbit.


  3. What a great collection of clocks. I agree with you about ‘Margie with two clocks’, you echo the way it is for me as well. I doubt there’s a clock in our house that matches all the rest… except for the computer clocks they match each other, but not the house clocks. I enjoyed your post very much.


  4. Very nice collection of timepieces. Coincidentally, I just heard Pink Floyd’s “Time”, and the wall pictures reminded me of the opening to the song.

    I have a motto somewhat related to time (I wrote it way back in the mid-1980s) . . .

    “Life sucks . . . but at least, it’s short.”

    The original was more verbose: “Life is short, but that’s good because it sucks.”

    And yes, I have a good life.


    1. Makes me think of the Dementors in Harry Potter: “Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you.” Kind of sums up some of the candidates in recent election campaigns too…

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  5. My big hand is at 11:30, my little hand is at 12:30. That’s my way of signaling you scored a touchdown with this post, my dear Margie– excellent!
    The quote by (Margery Williams) that begins “When you are REAL, you don’t mind being hurt” definitely moved me. Many thanks for sharing, Margie! : )


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful visits, Mark. I can always count on you to ‘take the time’ to read something, and then think about what you have read.

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